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About House of Pain

Created in the late 1980s, House of Pain is an Irish-American hip-hop group from Boston, Massachusetts. The group formed after Eric Schrody teamed up with Danny Boy and DJ Lethal to create a new sound. By this time, Schrody had changed his name to Everlast, which was the name of his failed solo project. Associated acts include hit artist Limp Bizkit, Cyprus Hill, and Helmet. Their sound is a mixture of early 90s hip-hop and dance combined with stoner rock. In 1992, the trio inked a deal with Tommy Boy records and released their self-titled debut album. The record sold millions and solidified the group as one of the most influential 1990s hip-hop groups. They owed much of their popularity to hit single, “Jump Around.” The song spent weeks on billboard charts and continues to play in clubs worldwide. They followed the release touring throughout the US. The next year, they worked on a multi-genre collaboration that ended up on the film, Judgment Night. In 1994, House of Pain dropped their sophomore album, The Same as it Ever Was. The record featured one single and didn’t do well with critics. Their underground following saved the album, which eventually sold over 500,000 copies. One single became noted for its shots at rapper Mark Wahlberg for claiming Irish Heritage. Due to the feud, the album received little radio play and was dismissed by many mainstream critics. One year later they released an EP featuring 3 singles, followed by their modestly successful, Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again. The record equaled the success of the previous one; yet, afterwards Schrody decided to leave the group to pursue a solo career. After the split, each member went to work on new projects. Schrody brought back Everlast and did well in the blues genre. DJ Lethal united with radio favorites, Limp Bizkit to form another multi-platinum selling rock band. In-between 2010 and 2011, House of Pain regrouped for some sporadic shows around their world. They appeared at the Epicenter Music Festival in Fontana, California and Groovin’ the Move Festival in Australia. They are currently on a break from the band House of Pain and have no future plans.