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Hi-Fi Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 23
Sat, 8:00 pm
Москва · Ресторан Подсолнухи Art & Food

About Hi-Fi

First appeared in 1998, American Hi-Fi is a four-member pop band that originated from Boston, Massachusetts.Back then until now, the members of the band are Stacy Jones (vocals), Brian Nolan (drums), Jamie Arentzen (guitar) and Drew Parsons (bass).From Boston, the band brought their music to Los Angeles in 2004 and performed in various live concerts across the world successfully.

The Kick-off

Prior to the band formation, the vocalist Stacy Jones was the drummer for the 1990’s bands Veruca Salt and Letters to Cleo.Inspired by the music of Cheap Trick, a well-known American band, Jones started his own group together with Nolan, Arentzen and Parsons in 1998.In February 2001, the group released its first self-entitled album under the label Island Records.The album included the single “Flavor of the Week”, which became an early hit for the band and reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Two years after, the band released its sophomore album entitled The Art of Losing in 2003.Two of the singles in the album that became successful are the tracks “The Art of Losing” and “The Breakup Song”.However, the album underperformed compared to the first one that prompted Island Records to drop the band in their list of artists.

Second Shot

Following the decision of Island Records, the group headed to Los Angeles and continued making their music with the help of producer Butch Walker.Even without a label, the band released their third album entitled Hearts on Paradise in July 2004 in Japan.While looking for a label, American Hi-Fi performed in concerts and tours until in 2005 that Maverick Records signed the band.Maverick rereleased Hearts on Paradise in the US in April 2005.

Fight the Frequency, the 4th album of the band was released only later in 2010, after conflicts with their record label delayed the release and prompted the band to start their own label, Hi-Fi Killers.The album did not reach considerable support from the fans, and the limited tours and live shows did not help either.

Third Try

After their fourth album, American Hi-Fi as a group was rarely seen in the music scenes.Nonetheless, Jones and Arentzen were still seen performing as part of the live band of Miley Cyrus.In May 2014, the band regrouped and performed in a live show in London which proved to be the new break the group was waiting for as it turned out to be a sold-out concert.In September 2014, the band released their fifth album Blood & Lemonade that contains the carrier singles “Allison” and “Golden State”.