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About Hardwell

Unlike their counterparts in the world of music, DJs concentrate on the promotion of a fun and interactive performance. As such, the best degree of focus is on their creativity and timing and not on what they have on. In most cases, when on gigs or parties, all they wear is a scant piece of loose clothing. It must be noted however that even if one has to be completely committed to creating good music, much more is still required of a star to be able to succeed in this business. Aside from the talent, you have got to have the attitude and mind setting.

Who is Hardwell?

One of the best names known in this field, admired for her talent and attitude is Hardwell. He was born in Netherlands on January 7, 1988. At a very young age, he already discovered his love and passion for music and has started to play with by mixing tracks. He plays the piano and keyboards well. And with the introduction of more innovative technology, Hardwell now sees everything as sky is the limit!

Hardwell’s Professional Career

Hardwell was among the pioneer of bubbling remixes that are popularly played on commercial club. His version of "Without Me" became a huge hit in the night clubs worldwide. Party people would definitely notice the beauty of his remixes and it was only the start of something big and good for Hardwell.

Hardwell was the mastermind of "bubbling beats"  perfect for parties and they are available on cds. Bubbling Beats volumes 1 to 5 have gained more popularity and have sold thousands and millions of copies. In 2005, he was awarded a prestigious Dutch Urban Award because of these releases. Electric sound was next for him. In 2006, he released Eclectic Beatz, a mixture of the best Latin and electro floor fillers. More albums of the same kind were released a year after. A lot more is expected from this talented young man. For sure, more collaborations and offers not only in mixing tracks will come out soon.

Updates on Hardwell

Eva is a popular DJ that works only in this business for quite some time now. He has been very proud to be one of the few who were given an opportunity to perform and motivate people around this field. As of now, he is considered to be one of Hollands best upcoming talents. At the age of 19, this very talented and kind hearted DJ and producer has already make a mark in the club scene, and much more is expected from him in the years to come!