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About HIM

In 1991, the band named His Infernal Majesty or HIM was formed and originated in Helsinki, Finland. The band was composed of Ville Valo in lead vocals, Linde Lindstrom in guitar and Mige Paananen in bass. Now the band is composed of the trio with the additional members Emerson Burton on keyboards and Mika Karppinen to play drums. The band originally has three recorded demos and one extended play. But they were only able to release two of the demos and the extended play. In 1992, “Witches and Other Night Fears” was the first recorded demo by the band. A year later, the band released their first Demo Tape, and then two years later, they released their second Demo Tape. In 1996, the band released their first extended play album entitled “666 Ways to Love: Prologue” in Finland. The band was able to release one thousand copies of the album.

In 1997, the band released their debut studio album “Greatest Love Songs Vol.666”. Some of the tracks were “Wicked Game”, “The Reaper” and “For You”. Their album that was released in Germany has an additional track entitled “Stigmata Diaboli”. They also has a track entitled “HIM 666”. The band strictly follows their theme of 666. The length of their album was 66:06 minutes. The reviews of their album were focused on the band were more likely to be a Satan Worshipper.

In 1999, the band released their second studio album entitled “Razorblade Romance”. The band gained listeners with their song “Join Me In Death” as it reached the top spot in German Charts. They sold over five hundred thousand copies of this song alone within two months. The song was even used as a soundtrack of the movie “The Thirteenth Floor.” The song also achieved the record of the Best-Selling Single in Finland. Since the band was successful in gaining German fans, they released two more tracks especially for Germany. The tracks were “Right Here in My Arms” and the other one is “Gone With Sin”. Both songs were able to be in top 20 in music charts.

In 2002, they released their second album in US market, but they have to changed their name since HiM is registered to another band. They replaced their name in US to HER. HER is for His Evil Royalty or Her Eternal Romance. But as the band became popular, they were able to gain the right for the name. In 2006, “Dark Light” album was released and awarded Gold by RIAA. They made a record of being the first Finnish band to receive a gold album out in US. In 2013, the band released their 8th album entitled “Tears on Tape.”

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