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About Guf

Guf, or ALexey Dolmatov in real life, is a well-decorated rap artist born in  Moscow, Russia on September 23, 1979. Prior to being a solo artist, Guf is associated with the groups Rolexx and Centr, where he teamed up with fellow rap artists. Guf married Ayse Vagapova in August 2008 but later divorced with her in 2013. In 2010, his first son was born.
Entry into the Music Industry. The first step of Guf into the hip-hop music industry was when he became a part of the group Rolexx in 2000. “Chinese Wall” was Guf’s first single which he also wrote. Later on, he worked on his solo debut album and released the single entitled “Свадьба” (“The Wedding”). 

The Next Step through Centr. In 2004, together with another Russian rapper Principle, they started the group called Centr which released a demo album entitled The Gift and was distributed mostly to his friends. Later in 2006, the album entitled City Road was released. The track “Gossip” was included as part of the singles in the album, which conveys the story of Guf’s relationship with his grandmother. The song, and his grandmother, became well-known in the Russian music world.

Swing, Centr’s first album was released in 2007. Following this, the group won the Best Hip-Hop Project Award in the 2008 MTV Russia Music Awards.  Leaving Behind Centr. After having arguments with other members, Guf left the group and started his own music label ZM Nation. In December 2009, he released another solo album entitled House which contained a total of 17 tracks including the hit single “Ice Baby”. In 2010, the album reached the Gold record status after selling more than 50,000 units in Russia.

In 2010, Guf recorded an album with the Russian artist  Basta which was officially released later that year. In 2011, one of the major concerts of Guf and Basta was held and more than 8,000 fans attended the event. This was followed by another successful show later in July 2012.

The third solo album of Guf was released online and was available for download in November 2012. Throughout his career, Guf admitted that he has tried different kind of drugs, although he claimed that he has stopped his addiction. In 2011, Guf was actually arrested by the Federal Drug Control Service although he was released subsequently. Because of his experience with drugs, this became the subject of many of his songs.