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About Guano Apes

Guano Apes is an alternative rock band that was formed on 1994 in Göttingen, Germany. The members are Sandra Nasic (lead vocalist), Dennis Poschwatta (Drummer, backing vocals), Stefan Ude (Bassist, backing vocals) and Henning Rumenapp (guitarist, cabking vocals). They are the winner of Local Heroes (VIVA Competition) through their song “Open Your Eyes” in which they compete 1000 participants.

In 1997, they came up with their first debut album called “Proud Like a God” on October 6, 1997 through BMG, GUN and Supersonic Records that was produced by Wolfgang Stach and the band itself. The album consists of 13 tracks that were recognized as Certified Platinum Record that sold 200,000 copies in Germany and Switzerland. Followed by their 2nd album called “Don’t Give Me Names” on May 2, 2000, it includes the single “Big in Japan”, No Speech” as well as “Dodel Up” and “Living in a Lie”.

While 3 years later, they introduced their 3rd album entitled “Walking on a Thin Line” on February 3, 2003 that was produced by Fabio Trentini and Vocal production. The album peaked at number 1 in German Album Charts and it was a Certified Gold that sold 100,000 copies. They also released a compilation album called “Planet of the Apes” that contains the single “Break the Line” that was also hit the crowd.

In the year 2006, the band came up with decision to stop for a while after their final tour that was held on February 2005. However, after a year of taking their rest; they came back with a compilation album called “Lost (T) Apes” on December 6, 2006 that comprises if their 1994 and 1995 recorded demos. They continue their Europe tour, which begin in Bulgaria, Braga on Portugal, Austria, Poland as well as Rock am Ring along with Rock in Park on Germany.

While they are in their tour, they started working on their next album called “Bell Air” that was out on April1, 2011 and a gold edition on November 29, 2011. It was released by Columbia Records and produced by Jon Schumann in which the album was charted at number 1 in Germany as well. The latest released of the band was “Offline” that was introduced on May 30, 2014 that contains 10 tracks. As the band was getting known, they received the New Comer National by VIVA Comet Awards in 1998 plus MTV Europe Music Awards for Best German Act in the year 2000 and also got the Best Band as well as Best Singer by 1LIVE Krone in 2001 and 2003.