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sludge, doom, underground hip-hop, italian, sludge metal

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Grime Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 9
Sat, 7:00 pm
Windhand, Grime
Lausanne · Le Romandie
Mar 10
Sun, 7:00 pm
Windhand, Grime
Paris 18 · La Boule Noire
Mar 20
Wed, 7:30 pm
Windhand, Grime
Eindhoven · Effenaar
Mar 24
Sun, 8:00 pm
Windhand, Grime
Leipzig · Werk 2 | Halle A

About Grime

1. Grime is a sludge/[doom band from Trieste, Italy. They have just toured Scandinavia with Leech Feast to support their self titled, self recorded, self released first EP. Download it for free here 2. GRIME (born Tariq Rahman on 10 April 1983) is also an American hip hop artist. GRIME's (Got Revolution In My Eyes) debut album Let Freedom Ring With A Buckshot was released in 2005. (