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Mar 1
Fri, 8:00 pm
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About Green Day

Green Day began in 1987 in US, as a punk rock band formed by childhood friends Billie Joe Armstrong – the lead vocalist and guitarist – and Mike Dirnt who it the bassist and backing vocalist. Both were only 15 when they first tried playing together. At that time, their group was called Sweet Children. Their first ever recorded live performance was in Vallejo, California in October 17, 1987.

In 1988 they signed a deal under Lookout! Records. A year after their deal, they released their first EP (extended play) under Livermore’s label. The extended play called 1,000 Hours, was distributed with the name Green Day and not Sweet Children. The change in their band’s name was to not confuse the people as there was already an existing band with the name Sweet Baby. It was believed that the group chose the current name – Green Day – because of their liking for weed.

In the early 1990, their first studio album called 39/Smooth saw the light. Few months later the same year, they recorded 2 more EPs. After their success, the group went on tour during 1992-93. It was during these years when the Green Day was recognized internationally, touring most of Europe with their Green Day tour and selling over 50,000 copies of their Kerplunk in the US.

After their success from 1992 to 1994, it was said that the group gained commercial success and decline from 1997 to 2002. They released Nimrod in 1997; it was a combination of different musical styles. In 2000, they released “Warning”, a fully different style of music from what they are known of performing. They started to experience a decline in popularity but it was said by Rolling Stones, a well-known recording studio, that the album was satisfying although it was totally different from their past works.

Although the early 2000 was rough for the group, it did not topple their career as they received big recognition from several organizations across the world. In 2001 alone, the group bagged eight nominations, winning all of it from the California Music Awards.

In 2014, the group released “Demolicious”, a collection of their demo songs and several unreleased songs which they performed at their Green Day concert, during an annual celebration for independently owned record stores. The “Demolicious” contained the alternative versions of the singles from their preceding three CDs series ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! Before they started to work on the triplet, they performed a secret Green Day live show playing songs not played before.

The latest album Revolution Radio came out in October, 2016 followed by the Green Day tour 2016.

The band's style can be stylistically defned as punk rock, California punk, pop punk or alt rock. The band members' image and behavior usually fit the punk image. Although some people say (and Armstrong admitted this himself) that after becoming that popular, they have transsformed into a commercial band which does not correspond with the idea of punk philosophy. Nevertheless, millions of fans all over the globe still consider the Green Day music as proper punk and long for more.

Green Day tour 2017

The group is still on tour now, and the Green Day tour dates are from now on till August, 21. The Green Day Revolution Radio tour includes US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany and Spain. In the Green Day US tour, the Green Day Atlanta, San Diego and Dallas 2017 concerts have already been performed and the Green Day setlist for these shows contains the new songs, famous hits and the covers of Bohemian Rhapsody, compositions of the Ramones and Ennio Morricone. So each Green Day concert 2017 seems to be a fascinating show. The same can be read in every Green Day concert review.

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Green Day reviews

Greenday was such a blast I had so much fun with my brother and my friends and buying merchandise was fun I have to say this is the best concert I've been to and only one I've been to Greenday was really good their performance was amazing I would not ask for any better thank you Dillon Dugan yes Dillon and I have fights a lot but I know he's the best brother I could ask for and that if I'm in any trouble he'll be there for me just like if he's in any trouble I'll be there for him he's such a role model for me for school I mean when he made honor roll in college that was huge and I'm so proud of him of what he has done in his life he's really smart and funny and such a good brother to me for taking me and Greenday thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you guys were such a blast to listen to.??????
Amazing show!!!!!
Awesome concert
Best night of my life, for sure. Got to sing with my favorite band!!!
Incredible!!! We managed to get dead center in front of Billy Joe right at the stage!
It was fantastic!
Amazing! They need to come back
It was amazing!!! They put on an amazing show! I had so much fun
incredible show
Amazing show! Thank you Green Day!
One of my favorite concerts of far 2 more to go