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hip-hop, funk, downtempo, chillout, instrumental hip-hop


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About Gramatik

Is a Slovenian musically gifted artist, Gramatik is Denis Jasarevic in real life. The songwrtiter and producer was born on October 19, 1984 in “Portoroẑ”, “Slovenia”. The genre he’s in span from instrumental hip-hop, electronica, dubstep and chill. He started his career in 2008 and at present he known for the album “The Age of Reason”. Denis showed his talent at a very young age. He shows interest to music when he caught listening to his sibling’s music tapes. As the years went by, he was enchanted by the culture of hip-hop and found himself listening to artist like “Dr. Dre:, “Rza”, “Guru” and “DJ Premier”. At his early teen, Denis started to experimenting sound on his early model computer.This experimentation leads to sharing his genius creativity to“Beatport” and amass following in the “US” and “Europe”. And later, Denis found his way in the “US” to an agency that help him signed for his fisrt album “Expeditions 44”. The talented guy moved to “New York” and bound for “Brooklyn” The man behind the transaction is his agent named “Hunter Williams”. The result amazed and stunned Denis. He didn’t expect any tracks or singles to perform this good albeit better.After his first album, Denis signed with “Pretty Lights Music” of American, Colorado-based electronic artist “Derek Vincent Smith” a.k.a “Pretty Ligths”. “Pretty Lights” and Denis have the same philosphy of generosity especially about their music talents. He later released “Beatz and Pieces” in 2011 under “Pretty Lights”.

Denis later released “Digital Freedom” in 2012. The album expressed his advocacy regarding internet censorship or online police policy. He advocates for the freedom of expression and the internet as one tool for freedom of expression or he calls it as “DIGITAL FREEDOM”.

Denis became independent when he announced that he will build his own label “Lowtemp”, thereby leaving “Pretty Lights Music”. “Lowtemp” was the chosen name for the label because he beleives that his music is cool. His small empire has warriors of artist like “Russ Liquid”, “Branx”, “Gibbz”, “ILLMNTR”, and “Exmag”. Denis received three awards from “Beatport” in 2012 and nomination for “Best Chill Out Artist” in 2010.