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About Gotye

Wouter Andre “Wally” De Backer also known as Gotye is a Half Belgian-Half Australian indie-alternative rock singer and songwriter that was born on May 21, 1980 in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. He plays guitar, drums and keyboards as well as percussion and synthesizer. Gotye started in 2001 were he incorporate indie pop and trip hop style of music, he was associated with The Basics, Spender along with Kimba. Since he was a teenager, he shows the passion in music as well as playing instruments especially in drums and piano. Eventually, he created a band called “Downstares” in partnership with his friends Lucan Taranto and one member; but as they graduated in secondary school they got disbanded and went to their own ways. He studied in University of Melbourne were he finished his degree in Bachelor of Arts, later on; his 2 friend lived with him and their house became well known as “The Frat House” in which most of their friends stay.

Due to Gotye’s motivation, he recorded a sample tracks and compiled it into a CD that contains his 4 tracks including “Out Here in the Cold” and 3 more then he produced 50 copies with his handwritten cover. The Demo CD was successful in which Triple J radio station heard his song and gives him opportunity to continue. Meanwhile, he met his co-singer Kris Schroeder in one of the event in Mt. Eliza and later on they became partners and they formed the name “The Basics”. They became permanent singers in some parties, clubs as well as in some events. As the duo continues, they released 4 albums accompanied by their tours and other performances in the year 2004 to 2010.

As the time goes by, De Backer signed a recording contract with Creative Vibes label in which he produced some of his albums. In the February 15, 2003, he released his debut album called “Boardface” that contains 10 tracks including “Out here in the Cold” and “Waiting for You”. Then, it was followed by his 2nd album entitled “Like Drawing Blood” on 21st of May 2006 in Australia and re-released in Belgium on 30th of Ma 2008, he collaborated with Francois Tetaz in mastering and mixing which used in Wolf Creek along with Machine Translations and Architecture in Helsinki. Some of his single was included in Triple J Hottest 100 and got nominated in J Award as well. In the year 2011, he launched his 3rd album called “Making Mirrors” on August 19, 2011 through Eleven Records and won the Best Alternative Music Album on Grammy Awards 2013.

In the other hand, he performed in New Delhi India, Japan as well as in Taiwan, Australia and especially he performed in Laneway Festival in Singapore, UK together with Sneaky Russians and many more. All in all he got 19 winning awards, 13 nominations, 3 major albums aside from his singles and more or less 180 performances around the world.