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About Gossip


Gossip is also known as The Gossip is an American Indie rock band that was formed on 1999 in Olympia, Washington. The members are Beth Ditto (vocalist, pianist), Nathan “Brace Paine” Howdeshell (guitar, bass) and Hannah Billi (drummer), they also had another members for their tours including Christopher Sutton (bassist), Katy Davidson (keyboardist, pianist, backing vocalist) and the former member Kathy Mendonca (Drummer). The three original members Beth, Nathan and Kathy met in Evergreen State College where they attended, while Kathy and Nathan are on the bands, they discover each other when they are roommates and shared the same interest.

The band discovered by K Records (independent label) and released the first EP called “The Gossip” in 1999 that consists 4 tracks including “Red Hott”, “On the Prowl” as well as “Jailbreak” and “Dressed in Black”. Their first major performance was in Ladyfest that was held in Olympia in August 2000 in which it was featured in Time Magazine’s article.

Their first debut album was released on January 23, 2001 called “Thats Not What I heard” through Kill Rock Starts Records. It comprises of 14 tracks including “Swing Low”, “Got All This Waiting” and “Bones”followed by their 2nd EP “Arkansan Heat” that was out on May 7, 2002 and after 2 years, they released their 2nd album on May 6, 2003 called “Movement”. As they keep going, they continue releasing album including their first live album entitled “Undead in NYC” on September 9, 2003 that contains the “Arkansas Heat”, “Dangerr” and “Wanna Be Yr Dog” in which they collaborated with The Chromatics.

In the released of their 3rd studio album “Standing in the Way of Control” on January 24, 2006 through Back Yard Recordings along with Kill Rock Starts and produced by Guy Picciotto with Ryan Hardlock. This album put them in fame, in which it was used in the drama series “Skins” and it peaked at number 1 in UK indie chart plus it became Certified Gold Records. They performed in BBC1’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in which they played “Standing in the Way of control”.

In the year 2007, they signed with Music With a Twist and they were included in the lists that will performs in True Colors Tour 2007 a benefit concerts to Human Rights Campaign together with Debbie Harry, The Cliks as well as The Dresden Dolls. In addition, they also released “Music for Men” in 2009 and “A Joyful Noise” on 2012 and it was also successful. During the released of their albums, they received nominations for Outstanding Music Artist on 21st GLAAD Media Award and ECHO Award. Aside from that, their song “Move In The Right Direction” was recognized as Record of the Week on BBC Radio 2 on 18th of June 2012.