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About Gorillaz

Known as the first virtual hip hop group, Gorillaz has blended several genres of music. It was formed by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998. Group members include 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs. Project “Gorillaz” includes not only the band itself, but the whole virtually created universe. You can see different parts of this universe on Gorillaz’ web site, in their videos and even in cartoons. There is also a book where you can read about the fictional life-story of Gorillaz. The story published in 2006 is called “Rise of the ogre”. There are many musicians who help to write the songs, but the only unchanging songwriter of this unique group is Damon Albarn. Gorillaz use various instruments, such as different guitars, keyboard instruments and percussions. Their songs are a unique combination of various genres. They refer to rock, hip-hop, pop, alternative rock, dub, electronic music and many other genres in their songs. This blend makes the sounding of Gorillaz recognizable and unforgettable.

The Start of Their Singing Career

Gorillaz released their first album in 2000, Tomorrow Comes Today EP, which was immediately followed by the ever famous Clint Eastwood single. These albums have achieved a very huge success in America. This was just the beginning of many more hit songs that truly captured people’s hearts.

Though they have somehow stepped back from the stage, the band made a huge comeback in 2005 with “Demon Days”. They ranked first in UK and had received platinum awards. Following their phenomenal success, they were constantly being invited to perform on bigger stages like in the Grammy’s and several other music awards night together with other talented celebrities.

Aside from starring in music performances, the group also tried doing a documentary. For almost 2 years, they released a film in 2009 entitled “Bananaz”. This film covered the antics of true blooded musicians. Another album was launched in 2010, the “Plastic Beach”. And again, they have proved why they should be hailed as one of the best bands in history.

Gorillaz’ success

Almost seventeen years ago the group sold more than 7 million copies of their album. It proved their success as a virtual group and let Gorillaz enter the Guinness Book. At the same year they were nominated for annual British award Mercury Prize, but later asked to exclude them from the nomination list on their own initiative. Their 2nd studio album “Demon Days”released four years later all in all got seven platinum statuses and five Grammy Awards, leave alone many other prestigious music awards. By 2007 Gorillaz had more than fifteen copies of their two albums sold. In 2010 they released two albums, which were also quite successful. However, in 2012 Damon and Jamie had some conflict which prevented them from releasing anything new. The group was rumored to stop its existence. Despite all that, this year their fifth album “Humanz” was released after a seven years long break.

Gorillaz’ Motivation

For them, motivation isn't that hard to achieve. All you have to do is set your goals right. It is very important for singers, especially among groups as you have to be conscious and concerned about each other’s doings, to realize the need and importance of setting realistic and achievable goals as many people monitor every triumph and downfall. Gorillaz’ process is easy. They set goals and give their all to get there. Thinking the way successful artists do and acting like one are keys to having a successful music career! If you want to be good at something, you should focus and believe!

What People Think of Gorillaz?

Composers, producers, and co musicians would tell you that it is fun to work with the Gorillaz. As professionals and artists, they make sure that they succeed as a group despite the birth of newer breeds of singers. Not to mention their passion for excellence that makes them one of the very best in their genre and even in the years to come. It is nice to have excellent singers and leaders rolled into one. That best explains why many fans like Gorillaz. A combination of talent and expertise, experience, support, and sincere friendship are the group’s secrets to the success.

Gorillas tour 2017

2017 became remarkable for all Gorillaz fans not only because of their comeback, new album release and the first music video in recent years. The group also announced something really special. It was their own one-day music festival. The name of the festival is Demon Dayz which is the reference to their 2005 album. The festival took place on the 10th of June in Kent, the UK. Gorillas also didn't leave their new album without support. The Gorillaz tour has already started. As for tour dates, they are already known. The group is going to tour heavily practically till the end of the year. The exact tour dates 2017 are July,8 - December, 16. Gorillaz concert 2017 will be organized much like concert in the previous tours. They are going to use big screens where visual effects, music videos and collaborators’ performances will be projected. The tour will take place in 20 countries. The set list includes both well known hits and new songs. This going to be a really promising and exciting event for all Gorillaz’ fans.

Gorillaz reviews

Gorillaz was dope!
Yeah Gorillas in all aspects in world top 5 league
It was an amazing concert og experience, thanks alot
I was sooo good!!
Best show I've been to!