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Sep 8
Sun, 8:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Vienna, VA · Wolf Trap

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Gipsy Kings Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 5
Wed, 8:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Cluj-Napoca · Sala Polivalenta Cluj-Napoca
Dec 7
Fri, 8:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
София · National Palace of Culture Congress Centre
Dec 27
Thu, 10:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Madrid · Barclaycard Center

Gipsy Kings Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 16
Sat, 10:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Estoril · Auditório Casino do Estoril

Gipsy Kings Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 13
Sat, 8:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Paris · L'Olympia
Apr 18
Thu, 7:30 pm
Gipsy Kings
London · Royal Albert Hall

Gipsy Kings Concerts Schedule Sep 2019

Sep 8
Sun, 8:00 pm
Gipsy Kings
Vienna, VA · Wolf Trap


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About Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings has been so popular for their flamenco-type music which is carefully modified with pop flamenco music. They level their music as Sevillana in Spain. The band was formed during 1970s. Nicolas and Andre Reyes are the sons of flamenco guitar player Jose Reyes. They were interested in traditional flamenco music in a different way. And they called their musician cousins, Tonino Baliardo Jacques and Maurice. In the beginning, they did not think of a great band. They concentrated upon playing on occasions and weddings. They preferred to call themselves as “The Gipsy Kings” because their ancestors were gypsies and have long history. Tonino's traditional and progressive Spanish style guitar playing and Nicolas’ vocals were the first inspiration for the band. The band got fame and popularity but the ultimate success came in 1986 when the band members met producer Claude Martinez who thrived hard to turn them as great group.

The band still shows credit to Martinez without whom anything was possible. The band started to combine the traditional flamenco music with the Latin American music. But they did not prefer to use any modern instrument like electric guitar or piano.

In 1987, Gipsy Kings released "Djobi Djoba and "Bamboleo," under independent label. The albums were hit in the French market initially. Their popularity started to grow. At that time they got offer from Sony Music to produce some music under this brand. And when they released another album, they got huge sales in France. The album was then going to many European countries including England. The band debuted in America at a New York New Music Seminar. This gave the band more opportunity and offers. Sony in America got interested to be with it so it signed up with this band. In 1989, they got invitation to present their music at an inaugural ball for George Bush. The Gipsy Kings became popular and could share the stage with Eric Clapton and Elton John. People who love flamenco music will definitely appreciate the work of Gipsy Kings.