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About GMS

  • Is a breakthrough psychedelic trance duo from “Amsterdam”, “GMS” is “Growling Mad Scientist” formed by “Shajahan Matkin” more popularly known as “Riktam” and “Joseph Quinteros” more popularly known as “Bansi”. Riktam has an Indian lineage and was born in 1976 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bansi has Spanish lineage and was born in 1976 in Barcelona, Spain. The duo builds “Span Records” in 1999 and is the first psychedelic trance label in the “US” and “Ibiza” in Spain”. Currently, GMS is one of the most bankable live electronic artists in the world.
  • The duo crossed their path and strengthen their faith while they are in high school. They both realized their common goal and love for music. They both started DJing and consider it as the most contented thing to do. The duo fight for their fate. Even though they were young then when they fall in love with music, they still manage to rocking the dance floor. They were even more convince of themselves for their passion when the duo travelled to India and experience a different beats in their heart. The trance music blows them away, closer to their dreams. The experience is far more electrifying for the duo and leave a deeper impression in their musical spirit. The experience from “Goa” influence the duo and laid the basis for their music. When the duo returned to Amsterdam they finally follow what they love and formed GMS. The idea of the name came from the growl of synth music.
  • In 1997, the duo released their debut album “Chaos Laboratory”making their mark in the psy-trance scene and send a clear message of what’s in store in the future for the duo.
  • In 1998, they released “The Growl Family” which was inspired when they relocated to Ibiza in Spain. The beautiful island of Ibiza became their favorite and inspiration.
  • The year 2000 is a banner year for the duo when they form “Spun Records” with the help of “Seth Hoffman”. The main reason is to “Home” and “Hone” meaning that Spun Records will help GMS itself and hone other potential trance artists.

The duo’s biggest is “Emergency Broadcast System” which was released in 2005 under their very own Spun Records. The music of the duo also graced movies and TV screens. And worthy of mention was the recognition of being “The Best International DJ Psychedelic Trance” awards they received in 2001 and 2009.