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About Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is an unforgotten name in the western rock music history. He was a great rock singer and songwriter. He is often remembered because of being a member of “Queen”. He was born in 1946, and died in 1991 at the age of 45. His early life was spent in India and moved to England with his parents in 1964. He started his education in England and graduated in 1969.

He was always fascinated about music. He used to meet his friend who was in a band called “Smile”. He could also meet Roger Taylor and Brian May. Staffell left the band and Freddie was recruited as the singer. They changed the band’s name to “Queen”. In 1973, the band released the first album, “Queen". The album just gained some introduction but the band’s real popularity started to come with "Sheer Heart Attack". This second album contains a track called "Killer Queen" which became hit at that time around in 1974. The next album, "A Night At The Opera", released in 1975, was also a great album for the song "Bohemian Rhapsody". The next album, “Flash Gordon” was a bad experience for the band as it was not sold well. After that they had been in a bad time. They were not seen for some time and appeared in 1984 with their new album, called, "The Works". The album contains some of the good tracks of Queen such as "I Want To Break Free" and "Radio Ga Ga".

Freddie was interested in solo career also but he never left the band. "Mr. Bad Guy" was his first solo album. Queen’s biggest time was perhaps in 1985 when they performed at Live Aid, in 1985. And they released an album, "A Kind Of Magic" at the end of that year. They also participated in a concert in Knebworth, before 125.000 people. Around in 1988, Freddie told that he had AIDS and he might have a short time. But Freddie wanted to be with music until his last day. But he was afraid to tell the public about his illness because people might buy their album out of pity. His second solo album, "The Great Pretender” was released around in 1987. He went to Spain for sometime where he made an album, entitled, "Barcelone", with Montserrat Caballé

He got together with the band and worked whenever he felt physically good.