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Florence + the Machine Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 7
Wed, 6:00 pm
Florence + the Machine
Edinburgh · Princes Street Gardens
Aug 8
Thu, 6:00 pm
Florence + the Machine
Edinburgh · Princes Street Gardens
Aug 30
Fri, 8:30 pm
Florence + the Machine
Latina · Arena Expo

Florence + the Machine Concerts Schedule Sep 2019

Sep 19
Thu, 9:00 pm
Florence + the Machine
Athina · Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Florence + the Machine Concerts Schedule Jun 2020

Jun 5
Fri, 11:44 am
Major Lazer, Lil' Wayne, Tyler, the Creator and others 4
New York, NY · Randalls Island

About Florence + the Machine

Florence and the Machine is the term used to refer to singer, Florence Wench and her back up musicians. Florence started in the music industry by making great music together with her friend Isabella Summers. During that time, they call themselves Florence Robot/ Isa Machine. However, the name was thought to be very long and that is why they decided to cut it short.

Florence and Her Music Style

The music style that Florence has is quite unique. In fact, press materials released that her music on her most popular album is made up of death, love, fireworks, elevator shaft, harp, Drums, metals bits, teeth and many other noises. In addition to that, her song lyrics reek of fantasy element combined with Gothic pictures. However, Florence continue to say that her songs are just normal and talks about the usual stuff like love, boys and pain. All over the world, people love the music that Florence makes because of her unique taste, daring actions and the powerful emotions beneath it.

Her Hit Album

In July 2009, Florence released her first album in the UK entitled 'Lungs'. It gained great popularity in the UK however it only reached number one after six long months. This hit album stayed in the top 40 of the UK album chart for over a year. It was so popular that it was declared a quadruple platinum. In the 2010 Brit Awards, the album received the British Album of The Year Award. Because of this hit album, tickets to Florence's gig shows, live shows and concerts are always sold out.

Invading America

In September 2010, Florence and the Machine finally broke new territories by letting the American people hear about their music. This started with their amazing performance of “Dog Days Ate Over” in the MTV Video Music Awards. Their album, “Lungs” also made it into the top 14 of the US album chart along with their hit song “Dog days Are Over” which ranked in the number 21 spot. In November 2010, Florence's “Dog Days Are Over” made it again to top 40 of the US album chart after being presented in the hit TV series-- Glee. Florence and the Machine is expected to continuously rule not only the UK music scene but The US's as well.