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About Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities is a duo based in Australia. This duo is also known as Hugo (Hugo Gruzman) & Jimmy (James Lyell). During 2009, the two artists started making music for other people. At that time they did not have their own recording. In 2004, their duo has announced about their first debut album release entitled 'Down to Earth' that features Reggie watts, Emma Louise, Owl Eyes and Reggie watts.

Flight Facilities, the duo, started its journey in Sydney. They started recording many songs of other artists. But they originally thought about their own recording, "Crave You", with Giselle Rosselli, which received recognition and popularity. In the year 2010, "Crave You" was played on many channels, in Australia. The song was co-written by Rosselli, Guzman and Lyell after the duo gets in touch with the singer to make an innovative single for a compilation album. As a new kind of electronic producer duo, it has earned much within a short time. Flight Facilities got the opportunity for its first tour, “Maiden Voyage” in 2010. They began playing at many clubs, on The Gold Coast, Limbo in Adelaide, Empire in Brisbane and in Tokyo, Japan. In 2013 Flight Facilities was invited by KCRW to SXSW. KCRW announced about the Southbound Festivals and Falls Festival. In the year, 2014 they were invited to perform at one of the world’s largest festivals, “Coachella Music as well as Arts Festival” in Palm Springs. They performed before a huge number of crowds (more than 8000 people) each day. A Flight Facilities remix entitled "Shine A Light" was very hit and achieved mainstream attention in 2013. The single was featured in trendy video game Grand Theft Auto V, produced by Rockstar Games.

The duo is well known for their singles like "Crave You" (2010), "Foreign Language" (2011), "Stand Still" (2013), "With You" (2012), "I Didn't Believe" (2013), "Feeling" (2012) and "Clair De Lune" (2012). The duo has been busy in some new projects and soon they have plans for their upcoming works which will be more solid.