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About Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes is a opulent folk-rock band, and an award-winning talented quintet mentioned in the Uncut magazine. Their first CD brought them worldwide popularity and was called one of the most spiritual and gifted projects of the last year. The victory did not come at once. The jury or independent experts of the musical industry studied the contestants thoroughly and chose the best. The participants of the Uncut jury were Mark Radcliffe, Tony Wotswort and other members of the musical society. The idea of this award appeared in 2008. The competition went in several steps and the final decision was made after the anonymous poll.

Now Fleet Foxes is highly popular. The group was created in Seattle. There was a time when nobody in the city heard about the group but now the citizens speak proudly of the musicians. The musicians of it are Robin Pecknold, Casey Wescott, Skyler Skjeslet and Christian Wargo, and each of them is a real music professional. Pecknold and Skjelset were going to the same school and soon became good friends. They both shared the same tastes in music and started to write songs together.

The folk-rock band has gone through the long period of growth. There were months of accommodation, misunderstandings and many other problems. But still, all these problems did not prevent them from success. Now the musicians still work on their new projects planning to release a number of new songs that are ready to hit the charts.

The Fleet Foxes music is a wonderful mixture of pop and baroque motives, which makes their songs so appealing. Critics notice the utmost harmony of the tunes and the romance in lyrics. Fleet Foxes is not an average folk band, all their composition stand out from the mass of other folk songs, due to unusual elements and decisions. Their lyrics are kind and pure, while the music makes you want to listen to the songs again and again. The music videos and the name reflect the idea of the members of the band: love to nature and unity with it wherever you are.

Their debut album came out in 2008 and was immediately noticed by the Rolling Stone and became gold.

Fleet Foxes 2017 tour

The Fleet Foxes tour 2017 is on now. The tour dates are from the 11 of August to the 6 of December. The group are coming to the USA, then going to Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. The band is really popular, and the tickets in some cities are already sold out. So don’t think twice and hurry up to get a ticket to a Fleet Foxes concert. In the USA, the band is coming to San Diego, Hollywood, Chicago, Dallas, Austin and many other American cities.