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About Five Finger Death Punch

Formed in 2005, Five Fingered Death Punch (5FDP) is a modern metal band from Los Angeles, California. Similar acts include MotorgraterGhost Machine, and Bullet for My Valentine. Influenced by legendary rock band Pantera, 5FDP’s sound resembles the groove metal of the 1990s.

During the formative years, the group began with the rhythm section. Bassist Zoltan Bathory and drummer Jeremy Spencer started the group and contacted vocalist Ivan Moody for an audition. Moody flew to LA, per their request, and formed an immediate connection with the band. With the addition of Matt Snell, they created 5FDP and embarked on their professional career.

In 2006, they self-recorded their first album and released, The Way of the Fist. The unsolicited record scored with labels leading to the band inking a deal with Firm Music. Afterwards, in 2007, the band released their EP, Pre-Emptive Strike, followed by the re-release of The Way of the Fist. The group added second guitarist Darrell Roberts and 5FDP finished the year promoting their album on Korn’s Family Values Tour. By 2011, according to the RIAA, their first album reached gold status, thanks in part to their single, “Never Enough.”

In 2009, 5FDP replaced Roberts with Jason Hook and released their second album, War is the Answer. The album received mainstream success and excessive radio play. 5FDP promoted their album by performing on the “Shock and Raw Tour,” which extended to the UK. Hit singles “Walk Away" and “Bad Company” played worldwide and were heard by fans at the 2010 Download and Mayhem Festivals. 5FDP shared the stage with popular artist Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, and Korn. The band continued to tour until their 2011 release of American Capitalist.

The album garnered modest success. Kevin Churko recorded the album as he did the previous one. Their single “Back for More” found its way on Madden 2012 and “Coming Down” won an independent music award. Afterwards, the band went on another extensive tour promoting their album and replaced bassist Matt Snell with Chris Kael. When the tour ended 5FDP decided they were in a great position to write music. In 2013, they released the double volume, The wrong side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell. Both records received critical and commercial acclaim. The first one sold over 113,000 copies the first week and the second sold over 77,000. In late 2013, 5FDP announced it will have a new album ready in 2015.

Five Finger Death Punch reviews

Very good show!!!
Incredible! Love Ivan and the bands appreciation ! Would love to see them again !
Fucking loved it would definitely see them again
It was so amazing! Would definitely see them again!!! Badass night for sure!!!
Springfield was incredible