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About Feed Me

Jon Gooch also known as Feed Me, Spor, Unicorn, Final Reckoning and Seventh Stitch is an electro house music producer and DJ that was born on August 22, 1984 in Hertfordshire, UK. He started in the year 2004 but his career got active in the year 2006 with his best friend Chris Renegade (Founder of Lifted Music). They worked together with Apex, Evol Intent,Ewun & Phace as well as Teebee’s Subtitles Recording in collaboration with Renegade Hardware along with Barcode Recordings.

He released his first single called “The Spell/ Raw Chicken” that was released on 13 th of October 2008 by Mau5trap followed by “Feed Me’Big Adventure” in the year 2010 which he collaborated with Kill Noise in the song “Muscle Rollers” and Tasha Baxter for “Cloudburn”. On year later, he introduced his 3 rd released called “To the Stars” and “Feed Me’s Escape from Electric Mountain that was out on 6th of February 2012. He worked with Hadouken in the track “Trapdoor” as well as Lindsay on “Embers” and Gemini on “Whiskers”. It was peaked at number 13 in Top Electronic Albums, number 5 in top Seekers and number 38 in Top Independent Albums and after that he launched the “Little Cat Steps” and “Love Is All I Got” featuring Crystal Fighters.

In the year 2013, he introduced the single “Death by Robot” that was released on 17 th of January, followed by “Calamari Tuesday” that was out on 14th of October 2013 through Sotto Voce and produce by himself. The LP was ranked at number 14 in UK Dance Album and number 144 in UK Albums Chart. He collaborated with Crystal Fighters, Yadi, Tasha Baxter and Jenna G. together with Dickson, Eleanor Fletcher, Sebastian Pringle, Gilbert Vierich and graham for the writing of the songs.

In present year, he launched his EP called “Psychedelic Journey” on August 2 in New York and eventually in North America by Sotto Voce. According to him, this EP was made while he was at his tour and it consists of 4 tracks such as Patience (reflection of his history), Time Myself, Alarm Clock (reminder of how he love his job) and Without Gravity (being comfortable on what he have right now). Jon also featured in some albums of other artists including “Mordez Moi”, “Cott’s Face” and “Thumbs Up”. Upon his collaboration with many artists, he enhanced his talent through those experiences and his tours around the world.