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Fedde Le Grand Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 9
Sat, 10:00 pm
Fedde Le Grand
San Francisco, CA · Temple Nightclub

About Fedde Le Grand

Fedde le Grand: An Authority in House Music. Fedde le Grand has made a great and authoritative name in the House music industry. The influence he has established can still be seen in the field of electronic music . If you have not yet noticed, his grooves, beats, rhythms and melodies can be heard just bout everywhere, anywhere but it has been so common that a lot of people fail to recognize it. As stated by the very prestigious DJ Mag, Fedde is considered as one of the Top Thirty Most Influential DJ's of All time. He has also achieved many music awards and he carried out remixes with big-name artists like  ColdplayRobbie WilliamsWill.I.Am. And many more.

A Look At fedde's Past

Growing up, Fedde always has a big place for music in his heart. During his teenage years, Fedde has already started to spin some records. After finishing his secondary schooling, he went full time with his DJ' ing. Ever since he was just a young teenager, he had already created a name in the music industry. At such a young age, he has already played in prominent music festivals and dance events. In addition to that, has already played in prestigious clubs all over Netherlands.

His Hit Solo Record Among all his solo records, it was “Put your Hands Up For Detroit” is what made him popular on an international level. With this solo record, he was able to garnered a top one spot on the UK Singles chart as well as the other hit charts all around the globe. Aside from this hit solo record, his other tracks include “Control Room”, “Let Me Think About It”, “3 Minutes To Explain” and “So Much Love” has proved the music industry how versatile of a musician he can be.

People from all over the globe go to his live shows and gigs. In addition to that, thousands of music lovers travel just to hear him perform at various music festivals, and the most unforgettable dance floors. He has performed in Coachella, Ministry of Sound, Global Gathering and many more. With what he has achieved, there is no denying that fedde Le Grand has made his mark in the music world. He will be known to many musicians as a great inspiration and a true musical pioneer.