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About Faithless

Faithless is an electronica band that was formed in London, England in 1995 . The band 's members are Maxi Jazz born on 14 June 1957 (lead vocalist), Sister Bliss was born on 30, December 1970 (Pianist, songwriter) and Rollo Armstong on 29, April 1966 (remixer and producer). They became popular because of their their dancing energetic song that sold up to 15 million copies all over the world.

In the same year that the band was formed, they already released their debut single with its title ‘Salva Mea” means ‘Save Me’ in July. Bliss is the one who created most the tracks, while Jazz is the vocalist. Their first guitarist member was Dave Randall but he decided to move out and make his own name in the music industry and he had his solo album “Slovo” in the year 2000. Pauline Taylor was their female vocalist on some of the band's songs.

Their debut album was released in the year 1996 with a title “Reverence” that was recorded in just 17 days. This album became number 26 in UK music chart and one of their tracks “Drifting Away” was featured in the comedy series “Trigger Happy TV”. A few years later, their 2nd album – “Sunday 8PM”-- was launched and it achieved number 10 in the hit charts.It was released on the 28th of September with their single “Bring my Family Back” that contain additional CD (a mixed version).

In year 2001, Faithless released their 3rd album, “Outrospective” that ranked number 4 UK Albums Chart. The album feature their hit singles –“We Come 1”– that reached Number 3, ‘One Step Too Far’ at number 6, ‘Muhammad Ali’ and ‘Tarantula’ got number 29 in their UK Singles Chart. The band’s 4th album “No Roots”, was launched in 2004 with the collaboration of the voices of Dido, LSK, and Nina Simone who caught the number one rank in UK Chart; they also released their big hit compilation album in the year 2005.

Faithless introduced their 5th dance music album on 27th of November 2006. The album was entitled “To All New Arrivals” which was produced after their Greatest Hit tour which was rumored to be their ‘Final tour’.The album was named as such in order to welcome the babies of Rollo and Sister Bliss; Maxi appreciated the title because of the arrival of his parent in UK in year 1950’s and where they got famous, another one is the reason of his Buddhist faith.

Aside from all of their success, their newest studio album “The Dance” that came out on the 7th of August 2009, their single “Sun to Me” gave it free downloads for those who registered on their site. It was released in Myspace page and had been featured in Pete Tong’s Show. The band’s last performance that they are complete is at Brixton Academy and it was live via satellite in Europe on August 7 and 8 2011. Maxi surprisingly revealed it in their website.