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Explosions in the Sky Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 13
Mon, 7:30 pm
Explosions in the Sky
Osaka · Club Quattro - Umeda

About Explosions in the Sky

Explosion in the sky was formed in 1999 in Texas. It is an instrumental post-rock band (as per the band’s declaration) from America that includes Michael James (guitar), Chris Hrasky (drums), Munaf Rayani (guitar) and Mark Smith (guitar). This band has got popularity very quickly and compared with other established bands like Lift to Experience. Their second album entitled “Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die…..” earned good amount of media coverage. This album was a controversial album because many people found a link between the album and the September 11 terrorist attack in America. But the concept of the album was made back in 2000. But yet the picture of the airplane became a strange matter at that time of the attack in America. But through press conference, the band members denied all the misconceptions and rumors.

The band’s third album, “The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place” , was also much-admired. The band started to get good number of offers. “Friday Night Lights” was a movie and the band had to produce music and soundtrack for it. Explosion in the sky was also regularly played in the TV-shows. The band also released an experimental type of work entitled “21: The Rescue”. Each of the single track of the album took long time to finish. They used clapping as well as finger snapping styles in the album which was quite exceptional. “How Strange, Innocence,” was the next release by Explosion in the sky. This album was targeted for a large number of audiences. In the year 2007, the band came up with ‘All Of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone’. And in 2011, their latest work “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” was released.

Up to now, the band has released total six studio albums and three soundtracks (Friday Night Lights, Prince Avalanche, Lone Survivor).

Even though the band's music moves away from pop genre, Hrasky (drummer) said that they never considered themselves as a pop group, they tried to be a rock band always. The band is still active in producing unique music and working hard for their next release soon. 

Explosions in the Sky reviews

These guys blew our minds off to another dimension. Unbelievable. My soul is still shaking from last night.