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hard rock, rock, 80s, classic rock, hair metal

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Europe Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 14
Fri, 1:30 pm
Day One, Scorpions, Europe and others 1
Fuengirola · Marenostrum Castle Park
Jun 14
Fri, 1:30 pm
2Days, Europe, Ritchie Blackmore and others 1
Fuengirola · Marenostrum Castle Park

Europe Concerts Schedule Jul 2019

Jul 2
Tue, 6:30 pm
Def Leppard, Europe
Berlin · Zitadelle Spandau
Jul 9
Tue, 8:00 pm
Yawning Man, Europe, Kaleidobolt
Wiesbaden · Schlachthof

Europe Concerts Schedule Oct 2019

Oct 16
Wed, 7:00 pm
Kissin´ Dynamite, Europe
Wiesbaden · Schlachthof

About Europe

Europe, a Swedish rock band, was formed in 1979. Initially the group was named “Force”. Just after one year of the band’s formation, it came up with its first demo recording. The band’s lineup includes Joey Tempest (Vocals), Peter Olsson (bass), Tony Reno (drums) and John Norum (guitar). Force got a negative appeal from many studio record companies. After one year, the bassist decided to leave the band replacing John Levén. During 1982, the band participated in some music contest and could get a chance to record for the first time. And it was the time when they changed the name from “Force” to “Europe”.

It is quite amazing to know that the band was discovered by Japan in 1983. The band could release its second studio album "Wings Of Tomorrow" with a new member, Mich Michaeli (keyboard). After the release of this album Europe got famous in Scandinavia and Japan. But the band’s lineup was a problem as another member had to go. Tony Reno leaves the band replacing Ian Haugland.

1986 was the most glorious time for the band’s success. The band composed “The Final Countdown” and released it. Fortunately this song gave them unimaginable reputation from all over the world. Europe sold around 6 millions of copies. With this song, it seemed the band had just conquered the whole world and music industries. They started touring so many places for live concerts. Later on Kee Marcello joined the band in the place of John Norum. In 1988, Europe released another album which is known as “Out of This World”. And soon after that they released “Prisoners in Paradise”. But the band was losing reputation in the US market as they belonged to a non-English group. But this did not mean anything to the band. Joey initiated to make another album ad this time they thought about “Greatest Hits”. The band had celebrated many reunions after 1998 as it decided to take long break in 1992. The band was seen in a number of concerts but the ultimate fame and popularity remained fixed in 1986. The band is still one of the inspiring ones for many rock music lovers.