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Enigma Concerts Schedule Jul 2019

Jul 5
Fri, 7:30 pm
Bologna · Arena Parco Nord

Enigma Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 5
Mon, 4:00 pm
Bologna · Arena Parco Nord

About Enigma

Enigma is a popular German musical project started in 1990 by Cretu, Fairstein, and Peterson. Cretu formed the A.R.T studio and started operating in Spain from 1990-2009. It recorded all of Enigma’s albums up to present. Cretu was born on May 18, 1957 in Cretu. He knows very well what he wants and he started studying music to become one of the best concert pianists in the future. He went to Lyceum No. 2, which is a college for the young and gifted musicians, taking up piano as his major subject. He likewise studied in Paris for continued learning and excellence. For 3 years (1975-1978), he went to the Academy of Music in Germany and earned a much higher degree in music. After all the learning, he then started writing songs after he sold his piano.

Cretu is not only a good composer but is also a wise producer. His former partner, Sandra, was the voice behind the songs of Enigma. They also collaborated with other artists like Jens Gad who played the guitar in some of their albums and Cornelius in their projects during the 90s. In 1990, after months of hard work and dedication, Enigma’s first album called MCMXC A. D was released. It was given more than 57 platinum awards across countries and topped different charts. Truly, it was Virgin Record’s most successful project then.

It was Cretu’s first success, especially the single “Sadeness (Part I)”. It is comparable to some other Gregorian chants or sexual overtones admixed with inviting dance beats. It was quite unusual for the listeners then. Cretu have explained that it was all about unresolved crimes and themes concerning life after death, hence they call it Enigma.

A few years later, Cretu was offered by other composers to do the full soundtrack for Silver, a motion picture production, but he refused to. Instead, he did Carly’s Song and Carly’s Loneliness; both of which were used in the film too. Months later, The Cross of Changes was released. It has gained the same level of support from the people and has sold more than 6 million copies within a year. But, the said albums have likewise attracted legal complaints because of sampling issues from their sources.

More albums were released later on like Le Roi est Mort, vive le Roi (1996), The Screen Behind the Mirror (2000), and Turn Around (2001). In 2003, there were changes in the elements of Enigma music. Some liked it but most fans were inappreciable of it. Sales went down and according to reports; this only sold less than half of what the previous albums have achieved.

To commemorate Enigma’s fifteenth year in the business, a very special and limited edition album was released. It was entitled “Fifteen Years”. The cover was an art by Leonardo da Vinci. Some of the popular singles included in this album include “Hello and Welcome”. In 2006, another album, “A posteriori” was launched. It was a pop and techno album. The ideas were based on history, physics, sociology, and other sciences. A year after, a remix of this album was made available in iTunes. In 2008, Seven Lives Many Faces, Enigma’s 7th project was released with its carrier single, “Seven Lives”. It sounded classic yet modern. Currently, Enigma is continuously making history with their unique soundtracks.