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dubstep, trip-hop, electronic, experimental, ninja tune


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About Emika

Emika (Ema Jolly) is a famous electronic musician who has studied classical music composition as well as piano. she got her real inspiration from the legendary classical music composers. She grew up in England, of Czech heritage. When she was in music school, she started showing her talents. But she wanted to broaden her musical knowledge and she went to get a degree in Music Technology in Bath. She worked as a waitress to save money to buy an Apple Mac. Then she joined London label Ninja Tune as an intern. She worked here for some months and achieved technical skills which she frequently applies in her compositions. Emika left Bristol and went to Berlin and determined to stay there.

She was able to manage a musical career in Berlin. She worked as a technical sound designer, picking some idea from clubs of Panoramabar and Berghain. She mentioned that her music has some classical influences which in fact caught attention of a number of collaborators like Tommy Four Seven, Marcel Dettman, Nick Hoppner, Paul Frick, Amon Tobin and many more.

Emika found Berghain nightclub to be so legendary. This place caught Emika’s mind. In 2010, Emika started doing some work in Berghain, a sample library which Emika gave to all the local producer/DJs to create music from. Emika’s debut self-titled album “Ninja Tune” was released in October 2011.

Emika is adored because of her unique sense of music. She released Emika (2011) and DVA (2013) which are LPs. And her EPs include My My & Emika (2009), Double Edge (2010), Drop the Other (2010), Surge (2011), Pretend Professional Loving (2011), Can't Sleep Make You Sleep (2011), 3 Hours (2012), Chemical Fever (2012 and Searching (2013).

Emika has travelled a lot for shows. She toured America, Russia, Europe and many other places. She got many awards. She has been very popular in social networking sites and YouTube. Her videos are played millions of time by her fans. She is one of the recent electronic musicians who got famous within a very short period of time.