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About Eiffel 65

Created in 1999, Eiffel 65 is a European electric dance group from Turin, Italy. Riding the boy band wave of the late 1990s, the trio rose to pop stardom entertaining crowds with their party beats and dance moves. Their sound is similar to Prezioso, Vengaboys, and ATC. Associated acts include Bliss Team and Bloom 06 (same members). The dynamic trio consists of Jeffrey Jey, Maaurizio Lobina, and Gabry Ponte.

The ensemble met while working together at a production company. Soon after, they began writing and recording music. The next step for the group was forming a band name. Their name came from a computer generated program that produced the name Eiffel. The band gave it to their record label and waited for their artwork to come back. The artist accidently added the number 65 to the end of the title, which later became a lucky charm for the band.

The ensemble dropped their first album, Europop, in 1999 to great success. Their single, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” gained worldwide attention and revolutionized dance clubs. Eiffel pioneered a new sound on their record using synthesizers and auto-tune that changed the industry. Since, many musicians have employed this technique in order to capture a flawless sound.

Eiffel 65 followed by working on collaborations with Bloodhound Gang and a few others. They spent the early 2000s remixing old songs and touring. In 2005, Ponte left the band to pursue a solo career, leaving the remaining two to form a new group. In 2006, the duo started the group Bloom 06 and released their album Crash Test O1, under the Eiffel 65 name. This happened because it was recorded before the break-up. The album received modest success and solidified the end of Eiffel 65.

Three years later, Bliss Company announced the ensemble was regrouping to work on a new record. They continued to make announcements for the record, yet, nothing transpired. The group instead went on tour and finished the 2013 year on the road. They continued this trend throughout the winter until spring arrived. The group is currently working with up-and-coming artist that are attached to their label. Eiffel 65 has no shows available at this time.