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About Eels

Is an Americal alternative rock band, EELS was formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, California when Butch Norton and Mark Everett,metTommy Walter. The band’s name EELS is synonymous to E, a better known name of Mark Everett. EELS is synonymous to E’s solo record. The band is one of the “pioneer groups” to sign a break with Dreamworks Records.

Eels status got noticed when it appeared on several “OST”, including “American Beauty”, “Scream 2”, “Holes”, “Road Trip”, “Knocked Up”, “The Anniversary Party”, “The End of Violence”, “Yes Man”, “Hot Fuzz”, “Hellboy II”, “Charlie Barlett”, “Enough Said”, “Delivery Man”, the first 3 “Shrek” films and “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D”.

In 1996, saw the released their intro album “Beautiful Freak”, containing the success single ”Novocaine for the Soul”. It also includes the singles “Susan’s House” and “Your Lucky Day in Hell”. The album achieved fair success in the domestic and global scene, however,the album won the “Best International Breakthrough Act” awards at the Brit Awards in 1998.

On September 1997, Walter give up the band to pursue other interest. There are lingeringrumors around that Walter was fired, but was not confirmed. The band gained Adam Siegel.

In year 2000, the group released the “Daisies of the Galaxy,” an album that is more upbeat and lighter than its last album. To help promote the album, EELS embarked on a world tour. E and Butch were accompanied by a six-pieceorchestra , including Lisa Germano.

2001 witness the released of Souljacker, the album has a metal “mode and feel” and more rock oriented style and sound than its past album. John Parish, former memberof PJ Harvey’sband, collaborate and brainstorm most of the songs. He joined E and Butch on the first leg of the tour. He left the band for personal and family reason, and was replaced by Joe Gore. Kool G Murder who’s a bass and keyboard artist, joined the tour.

2003 saw the released of the album “Shootenanny”. The album was recorded live in the studiofor a very short period (10 days). After the recording, Butch surrender and the band gained Puddin’. Eels embarked on big tour, the “Tour of Duty”.

In April 26, 2005, the band released the album “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations” under Vagrant Records. Eels performed concert tours in support of the album.The tour resulted a released of live album, “Eels with Strings: Live at Town” which was proudly made in “New York City”.

In early 2008 witnessed the released of Eels’ “greatest hits compilations” that covers the first decade of “Eels” with “SINGLES” from all their “albums”.

On June 2, 200 the seventh album, Hombre Lobo was released. The album contains twelve new songs.

On January 19, 2010, Eels released an album “End Times”.

On February 5, 2013, Eels released their 10th album entitled “Wonderful, Glorious”.