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Eddie Vedder Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 2
Sat, 3:00 pm
Eddie Vedder, G. Love & Special Sauce, Shakey Graves and others 17
Tempe, AZ · Tempe Beach Park
Mar 3
Sun, 1:30 pm
Eddie Vedder, Jimmy Eat World, Band of Horses
Tempe, AZ · Tempe Beach Park

About Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder was born in 1964, in Evanston, Illinois. His childhood time was centered on troubles and confusions. His parents got separated and his mother married another man. But Vedder did not realize this fact. But, when he was grown up he could not accept it. He could not accept that his father is not his biological dad. Vedder expressed his anger, his message and his advice for youth though his songs. One of his songs, "Alive”, could be a good example.

He was kicked out from school and then he moved to San Diego. He had a great passion for music and wanted to be in a band. He loved the music of Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Black Flag and The Who. Vedder was regular in night clubs and met different kinds of people.

During his stay in San Diego, he could mange joining many bands including Bad Radio

Finally he joined in Pearl Jam as a singer. The band released its first album, entitled “Ten” in 1991. This album includes great songs of Vedder such as "Alive" and "Once." But the most famous song from this album was "Jeremy”. "Jeremy” was taken for MTV which in fact helped the band gain popularity.

The time was for Nirvana and Soundgarden. But Pearl Jam seemed to be as equal as other great bands at that time. The band quickly rose in front of the America's youth culture. The band loved to address sadness, drugs, suicide and Generation X through its music.

When the second album, “Vs”, was released, the band did not like to give any of its songs for video. The band started to get many opportunities and climbed to a top position as a rock band. The band was supposed to attend a great gigs in 1994 but the gig was banned due to a trouble with Ticketmaster. The trouble was legally handled by the band in 1995..

The third album, “Vitalogy” was released which featured a new drummer, Jack Irons. Pearl Jam participated in many tours.

Vedder had many other projects aside from being with the band. He worked for many soundtracks including “Dead Man Walking” and “I Am Sam and Into the Wild”. 

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Awesome...a very big event
27.06.2017 most amazing concert ever