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Drowning Pool Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 15
Fri, 7:00 pm
Drowning Pool, Cypher Machine
Saint Petersburg, FL · Fergs Sports Bar

About Drowning Pool

Created in 1996, Drowning Pool is a post-grunge rock band from Dallas, Texas. Similar bands include SalivaDopeGodsmack, and Adema. Their career has been defined by hard work and multiple vocalists changes. Drowning pools sound resembles the mainstream metal that flooded rock radio stations in the early 2000s.

Three years before the millennium, C.J Pierce and Mike Luce found themselves playing in crummy bars around the Bourbon Street area. To better their chances of recognition, the duo moved to Dallas, where they met bassist Stevie Benton. The group performed a few years as an instrumental ensemble; yet, later decided to add singer Dave Williams.

In 1999, the band hit the road and scored a spot on the Ozzfest tour. The new group did well on the road and hit the studio to record their first album. Two years later, their first record, Sinner released and sold over one million copies in its first week. On the road, fans screamed and moshed to their hit single “Bodies.” The record became a huge success; however, it was immediately followed by tragedy. While on tour, Williams was found dead on the tour bus from a previously unknown heart disease. Today, the group contains 3 or 4 unreleased songs featuring Williams. They did release one single on the Tenth anniversary of William’s death.

Drowning Pool’s music career didn’t end after the first album. They hired Jason Jones to replace their lost singer and released their follow-up album, Desensitized. The record featured a different style and image. The band didn’t favor the change and Jones left the band after the release of their first record together. Feeling the need for more changes, Drowning Pool left their old label and inked a deal with Eleven Seven Music.

In 2007, the group dropped their third album, Full Circle. The record featured their new lead singer, Ryan McCombs. It had modest success and included several notable artists throughout the recordings. It also received mixed reviews, not adding much to the popularity of the band. Two years later, they released a DVD containing live footage and backstage access. Soon after, like the singers that came before, McCombs departed to reunite with his old band.

Drowning Pool re-entered the studio in 2012 without a singer. Like their beginnings, the group was a trio creating instrumental music. Later, they added Jasen Moreno to complete their lineup and one year later released their next album, Resilience. The title was a clear reference to the hard times the band encountered during their career. Drowning Pool is currently on a US tour with notable stops in Longview, Texas and Central Point, Oregon.