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About Dorian

Dorian is a Spanish electronic rock band that was formed on 2002 in Barcelona, Spain. The members are Gili Marc (vocalist, guitarist and programmer), Belly Hernandez (pianist and programmer) and Bart Sanz ( low). The contributed Indie pop, Indietronics, Electropop, Dance-punk and Electronic Rock style of music, they influenced by the music of New Order along with The Chameleons and Radio Futura of year 1990’s to 2000.

The band first debut album was called “10,000 Metropolius” that was released on 2004 followed by “10,000 vs 10,000 metropolis remixes” after a year and they collaborated with DJ Undo as well as Ferenc and DJ CoCo. In 2006, they toured around Spain especially clubs and festivals including Northern Sun Festival, Express Pamplona and Festival Tends, the band received positive reviews about their releases. Aside from that, they collaborated with Suede along with Underworld and many more. One year later, they introduced their 2nd LP called “The Future is not anyone” that released in Spain as well as Mexico, Argentina and around Chile also Columbia. The album was accompanied by their 150 performances in which they conquer Spain along with US and Portugal.

As the band continues, they launched their album called “The Underground City” on September 14, 2009 that was produced by Sidechains. It comprises of 10 tracks including “Emergency” featuring the member of Zoe named Leon Larrehui, “Verte Dawn” together with Denise Gutierrez and “Sailboats”. During their career, they came up with many singles such as “Solar” in 2003, plus “Any other party” that was included in the album called “The future belongs to no one”, “More Problems” and “The Sandstorm” Etc…

The band’s latest LP was called “The speed of the vacuum” as their 4th album and produced through Phil Vinall. It peaked at number 11 in Spain according to AFYVE while got number 3 in iTunes. Aside from being released in Spain, it was also launched on other country like Chile, Mexico and Colombia. They worked together with The Auteurs, Zoe/Radiohead as well as Pulp and Placebo. We can say that the band gained the fame they wanted, their fans support them as they performed in many festivals all over the world including in Belgium together with Francis Charlier as well as Ralph Storm, also in France with Ez3kiel and around Spain as well.