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Doctor P Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 18
Fri, 6:00 pm
Wobbleland, Squnto, Doctor P and others 15
San Francisco, CA · Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Jan 19
Sat, 10:00 pm
Doctor P
Portland, OR · Euphoria Nightclub

Doctor P Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 16
Sat, 12:00 pm
Excision, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, 12th Planet and others 6
Boca Raton, FL · Sunset Cove Amphitheater

About Doctor P

Is an English Dubstep producer and breakthrough DJ, Doctor P’s real name is Shaun Brockburst born on April 9, 1986. He is also known for other aliases of “Sounds Destructive”, “Slum Dogz” and “DJ Picto”. Doctor P is a YouTube sensationthru some of his songs that went viral on the internet like “Tetris”, “Sweet Shop”, “Watch Out”, ‘Big Boss” including the remixes of Example’s “One Last Standing” and Plan B’s ‘Love Goes Down” have all received more than 2 million views online. He’s also identified as one of the co-creators of “Circus Records” along with “DJ Swa –E”, “Flux Pavilion” and “Earl Falconer”.

Many believed that it was the breakthrough debut in ‘Sweet Shop” that made him popular and highly recognized principal of the new wave of wobbles and whomps in “Dubstep”. It set the benchmark for others to follow in the genre of Dubstep music. He is also the force behind the changes of the course of a music genre – again Dubstep music. Doctor P is not only musically gifted but genius as well when he added the recipe of the “Wobble Bass” in his hits, with the clear-cut timing and implementation of the turn table.He is known in genres like Dubstep, drum and bass, glitch hop, moombahton, and moobahcore.

Doctor P made a revelation in an interview that the “P” in his name stands for Picto, which is the alias he used when he produced drum and bass. His friends gave him the nickname Picto.

On November 28, 2013 saw the released of the collaboration with Adam F called “The Pit”. It was used in a trailer for the 2014 American comedy film “Let’s Be Cops”.

His most popular and highly recognized works include: “Tetris” (Circus, 2009, peaked at #185 on the UK Chart), “Sweet Shop” and “Gargoyle” (Circus, 2009), “Watch Out” (Circus, 2010), “Badman Sound” (Dub Police, 2010), “Big Boss” and “Black Books” feat RSK (Circus, 2010), “Stinkfinger” (XS Dubz, 2010), “Sick Tonight” Remix (Circus, 2010), “Circus One” with Flux Pavillion (Circus, 2011), “Neon” feat Jenna G (Circus, 2011) and“Superbad” feat Flux Pavillion (Circus, 2011).