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About Dj Smash

Andrey Leonidovich Shirman, more popularly known as DJ Smash, was born on May 23, 1982 in Perm Russia. His interest and passion for music was actually instilled by his parents. His father likes jazz while his mom is a music teacher. He started living out his dreams by playing the piano as early as 6 years old. He is known to be the one of the most triumphant and influential Russian DJs in history.

More on His Childhood

DJ Smash’ success in the music industry was straight away. He started composing music at very young age, 8. At 14 years old, he already released his very first album called “Get Funky” and sold more than 500 copies. This was featured at the "Apocalypsis" club and it marked the beginning of DJ-ing career. That is also the time he got known as Smash.

At 16, he had another composition and it was broadcasted on a radio segment. That made him realized even more that his life would definitely be based on dance songs.

Highlights of His Career

2000 He worked at the Dep studio as an arranger and show producer. He stayed there for 4 long years and had acquired so much knowledge and experience. 2003 Smash started to play at “Shambala” club. His natural talent and uniqueness was seen by Gorobiy, one of the founders and owners of Moscow club. 2004-2005 This is the year when he started creating new night club formats, introducing the now popular retro house. He started doing remixes and transformed the old formats into something new and more inviting. Before Smash’ appearance, Russian music doesn't sound so well as it is now. 2006 He was given recognition in the Russia Night Life Award. He was the youngest title holder in history. His first hit “Moscow Never Sleeps” was ranked number 1 and so he became even more popular as an artist. 2008 Smash released his first full grown album called “IDDQD”. It was awarded platinum. Some of the popular songs in the album includes “The Best Songs”, “Airplane”, and “I’m a Wave”. In the same year, he also received two other prestigious recognitions from MTV Russian Music Awards, “Best Dance Album” and “Debut of the Year”. In 2004, Andrey became a part of the “Zima Project”. 2009 He got one of the most significant Russian awards, the “Golden Gramophone”, which is considered to be of equal importance with a GRAMMY award, and became a participant and was nominated for the “Song of the Year” festival in December 2009. He was introduced by the iconicAllaPugacheva.

More successful albums were released in the next years up to present. Now, he is still known to be the most successful and highest earning DJ who originated in Russia. Aside from being a music artist, Smash also tried some related business ventures. He now owns some restaurants and clubs in Sochi and Moscow.