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Die Antwoord Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 3
Mon, 6:00 pm
Die Antwoord
Warszawa · Torwar Hall
Jun 5
Wed, 8:00 pm
Die Antwoord
Hamburg · Sporthalle Hamburg
Jun 11
Tue, 7:00 pm
Die Antwoord
Esch-sur-Alzette · Rockhal
Jun 14
Fri, 5:00 pm
Die Antwoord, Franz Ferdinand, Columbine
Reims · Parc de Champagne
Jun 16
Sun, 12:00 pm
Download, Skindred, Rob Zombie and others 18
Castle Donington · Donington Park

About Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a rap and hip-hop band from Cape Town, South Africa. The members are Ninja, Yo-Landi and their producer God (DJ Hi-Tek).They are famous for their acid, trashy discarded elements also known as «zef» and edgy lyrics in English, Africaans and Xhosa.

Ninja, whose real name is Watson Tudor Jones, was born in Johannesburg. He spent his early years in a «zen» ambience ruled by marihuana and rap music. He did not show much interest in studies being more concentrated on rap. After finishing secondary school, he moves to Alexandra Township in the Johannesburg outskirts to join the local Rastas. He spent a few years there, on street 19, and created his first band The Original Evergreens. The group was awarded South African Music Awards for its Puff The Magik. After leaving the band, Ninja goes to live with his accidental friends thinking about new projects and sometimes coming to his parents’ house to survive the hard times.

Ninja met Yolandi Visser quite early when she was a teenager. They continued their friendship over the next few years and in 2005 their daughter Sixteen was born. Nevertheless, Ninja and Yolandi have never been married and claim that hey have no romantic relationship since 2009 remaining just good friends.

Before Die Antwoord, Jones had a number of other projects the most famous of which is Max Normal. The others are Constructus, MC Totally Rad, Total Confusion of Planet Phunk and many more. Not all of them were a success and once Ninja even started to produce stuffed toys to make ends meet. Sometimes even Yolandi joined his in making the toys to earn for their baby’s food.

Watson Jones is an outstanding figure known for his provocative actions. Once he came to the House of Parliament in Johannesburg dressed up in military uniform and beating a drum. He was claiming to legalize marijuana. One of the protestants brought a marijuana plant that he intended to hand in to Nelson Mandela as a gift. All the protestants were arrested; Watson got behind bars also. After release, he changed his name to Ninja. Surprisingly, this caused a change in his life bringing him success.

After that, Ninja came to his friend DJ Hi-Tek who created gangsta-rap beats. They decides to start a commercially successful band but they needed a girl to make it more appealing. That time Yolandi joins the group and suggests adding rave rhythms which helped create the unique notorious style.

Die Antwoord tour 2017

Die Antwoord concert tour is on now. The band is coming to Europe, Canada and US. The Die Antwoord tour dates 2017 are from July, 5 to September, 2. During their Die Antwoord tour in USA, they are coming to Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco and other cities. The Die Antwoord US tour is interrupted by three shows in Canada. Die Antwoord show tickets are available now.

Die Antwoord reviews

Fun show. Great friendly crowd.
Theeeee most AmAziNg show EvAhhhh❣️???...Loved the confetti!!???
This was a BAD ASS SHOW!!!
was awesome , come back soon
Was a great time!!! Hope they come back sooooon!!
Basically, the concert was awesome!!!! Also, mad respect for Ninja. On the last song, which was Enter the Ninja, he saw a guy in the audience damn near shove a lady down trying to get closer. He kept singing but he just stood there glaring at the guy and pointing at him. When it was Yolandi's turn to sing he yelled at the guy "F*CK YOU!! WHAT THE F*CK MAN!!" The man was thoroughly shamed!