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About Descendents

Descendents are an American punk rock band from Lomita, California, USA. They are known for being one of the early bands in the hardcore punk scene to sing about more personal and comical topics reflective of their own lives. They were formed in 1978 by guitarist Frank Navetta (RIP) , bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. Shortly after forming they enlisted Milo Aukerman and made what started out a surf band into a full fledged punk unit (

Descendents reviews

The ergs and descendents were great! The crowd was largely rude and self centered. But what would one really expect? Not going to let that spoil out evening. All in all a great night.
Would have been better at a different venue, house of blues ?
Don't know because ticket prices were way too much for me.
Was such a killer show !!!! Not a attitude in the place !!!! The pit was full of smiling faces and everyone was there to rock the f out !! Shows like this keep the faith that punk will never die!!!!!!
Such a great show. Had blast, but paying the price today. Punks not dead, we just got old.
Great show. All three bands were fantastic!!
Awesome! And a half!
Drove in from Boston, providence is a great city in the crowd at the strand theater was great
It was top notch excellence. Except for the fact that the Norva kicked people out for crowd surfing. That is really lame. Meanwhile people are beating each other up in the pit and bouncers are in there shoving people back into the pit. I had an epic five-star crowd surf (thank you my friends!) and exited out the back alley during the last song. Descendents were epic!! I've been a fan for about 15 years and have waited a long time to see them live. Also the milo head costume was hilarious! What was the story with the snowflake? Descendents