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Depeche Mode Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 11
Sat, 9:30 pm
Depeche Mode
Dornbirn · Spielboden Dornbirn

Depeche Mode Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 7
Fri, 8:00 pm
Berlin, Depeche Mode, Mode
Berlin · Centralstation Berlin
Jun 8
Sat, 8:00 pm
Berlin, Depeche Mode, Mode
Berlin · Centralstation Berlin

Depeche Mode Concerts Schedule Oct 2019

Oct 3
Thu, 5:00 pm
Berlin, Depeche Mode, Mode
Berlin · Centralstation Berlin
Oct 4
Fri, 2:00 pm
Berlin, Depeche Mode, Mode
Berlin · Centralstation Berlin
Oct 4
Fri, 5:00 pm
Berlin, Depeche Mode, Mode
Berlin · Berlin


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About Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is a popular English electronic band that was formed on 1980 in Essex, England. The members are Dave Gahan (lead vocal), Martin Gore (guitar, keyboards, baking vocals), Andy Fletcher (Keyboard) and Vince Clarke (Keyboards). The band started in Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher’s team up, after many changes in their name and adding members they finally came out in their name “Depeche Mode”.

Their career started from their live performance in Bridge house where Daniel Miller (performer as well as the creator of Mute Records) approached them and asked them to record a solo for his album.And the earliest single came out named “Dreaming Of Me” in 1981 that reached number 57 in UK Singles Chart. Followed by ‘New Life’ that reached number 11 in UK Charts and featured on Top of the Pops. Their career pop up when they introduced their single “Just Can’t Get Enough” which got in UK top ten hit for the first time and became one of the best Depeche Mode songs.

Depeche Mode launched their album called “Speak and Spell” when Clarke revealed that he was planning to leave the band because of his discomfort. In 1982, the band released their 2nd studio album entitled “A Broken Frame” that was written by Martin Gore. He also worked with David Gahan whose lead vocals in most of the tracks. In the band’s LP ‘Construction Time Again’ they started working with Alan Wilder who contributed two songs. They collaborated with Gareth Jones at John’s Foxx’s Garden Studios to record their album. This album became certified Gold in Germany that sold 250, 000 copies and 100,000 copies in UK.

Following their 3rd, they released their next album called “Some Great Reward” that was released on 1984 that reached number 5 in UK and 51 in US. While in 1986 and 1987 they released Black Celebration and Music for the masses. Depeche Mode albums were included in Weekly Charts, year –end chart and also they received certifications for both of the albums.

In addition, Depeche mode continued to release albums. From 1990 – 2013 they released 7 albums, 10 compilations, six live albums, 70 music video and a stunning 53 singles all in all. By 2017 Depeche Mode discography includes 14 studio albums. They sold 100 million copies worldwide. They received many awards and nomination including Best Selling Music Artists, nominated for 5 Grammy Award, Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, and they received an award with Brit Awards and many more.

On March,17 2017 the band released the new album called “Spirit”. Depeche Mode tour in support of it is going to start in May. Sweden will become the first country to meet the band. The exact Depeche Mode tour dates are May, 5 2017 - March, 27 2018. They are going to give concert throughout Europe, North and South America. Depeche Mode concert in Brazil will be the last concert of the tour.

Depeche Mode reviews

Het was werkelijk FANTASTISCH !! Echte WERELDKLASSE !! ??
Superrr concert the best
Het was uiteraard weer geweldig ? ??
Another great koncert whit the best DM.. ❤
It was awesome and I enjoyed every minute ❤️
It was amazing. They sounded great!
It was pretty awesome considering they've never played here..I'll take it.
Show was great. Going to grab a shitty Molson beer and the bar being closed at 9:30 felt like living in a dictatorship. Next time, do it like in the opera and place subtitles, the words to the songs on top of the screen! It would be easier to sing along, specially to new songs. Thank you, I loved the show otherwise.
I loved it! I actually loved hearing the new songs that I didn't know very well. I think its hard to expect only the favourites since they are still making music. I loved it so much! I can't wait to download their newer songs!
Super awesome ?