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About Dan Balan

Dan Bălan is a successful songwriter, singer and producer. Born on February 6, 1979, he grew in Chisinau, Moldova with his family and is living presently in  New York. He is known for forming and driving the success of the eurodance trio, O-Zone.

The O-Zone Days

Originally comprised of Bălan and Petru Jelihovschi, O-Zone first released its album in 1999 entitled Dar unde esti? (But, where are you?). However, the two men later split up as Jelihovschi was not very serious in pursuing a music career. Bălan, a dedicated musician, then decided to look for the new members of the group and later on, O-Zone was composed of Bălan, Arsenie Todiraş and Radu Sirbu. The new O-Zone enjoyed considerable success from the period 2001 to 2005, having hit singles including “Despre Tine” and “Dragostea Din Tei”. Throughout this period, Bălan was the main man behind the success reached by O-Zone, writing and arranging most of the songs performed by the group.

Life after O-Zone

After the trio split up in January 2005 to work on their own music careers, Bălan migrated to Los Angeles to start a new career as a solo performer. Working with producer Jack Joseph Puig, Bălan released an album entitled The Power of Shower under his alias Crazy Loop and with a carrier single “Mm-ma-ma”, a song with a eurodance flavor. The single was a hit in the Europe, being voted as song of the year in 2007 by the European listeners.

Later in 2010, after the success of the Crazy Loop album, Bălan released its first solo song under his name entitled “Chica Bomb” which also features the American artist Katie DiCicco. The song was also a hit in Europe, reaching ranked 44th in the UK Singles Chart and 37th in Germany. Following the hit “Chica Bomb”, Bălan released its second single entitled “Justify Sex” which also carries the same eurodance essence. Among the other hit singles released by Bălan include “Lepestkami slyoz", “Freedom”, "Lish do utra", "Lyubi" and his latest single "Lendo Calendo". Bălan has won three consecutive Zolotoy Gramophone Awards in the Russian Music Awards, for his hit songs “Lepestkami slyoz", "Lish do utra" and "Lyubi".

Following his career as a part of the successful trio O-Zone, Bălan is now having live shows as a solo performer across Europe, U.S. and Asia selling millions of tickets worldwide. Truly, Bălan has made a name for himself both within and outside his home country.