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singer-songwriter, acoustic, indie, folk, irish


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About Damien Rice

Damien Rice was born in Ireland, in 1973. He is a well known Irish Singer, songwriter and producer. In 1999, Damien Rice had moved to Tuscany and journeyed many places in Europe. And arrived back soon to his country. Damien had a band, Juniper, he stated to be with his band and record music and demos. But he was interested in solo carrier.

Damien tried hard to record some of his music. In the mean time, his grandmother informed his that one of his cousins is staying in London and he has done a good job in music. The name of his cousin was , David Arnold who has been a producer and film composer. Damien sent some of his music compositions to his cousin. Later, Arnold sent him a sum of money to Damien for buying mobile studio. And Arnold was in favor of Damien and his music.

Damien released his debut album, “O” with Lisa Hannigan around in 2002. This album was released in UK at first and later in USA and many countries in Europe. Many renowned magazines and publications started talking about the talent of this young artist. Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe and Newsweek publicized about him. Later, Arnold joined Damien on a same stage in New York and performed together.

Damien has some different kinds of qualities. He sometimes does things emotionally and his music contains emotion more than any technical elements. For example, once he threw a giant cheese to the audience!

In 2007, Damien Rice wrote on his official site that he maintained a long professional relationship with Lisa Hannigan but Lisa will no longer be with him. He has no plan of working with Lisa in the future days.

Damien announced through his official twitter page that his latest album “My Favorite Faded Fantasy” would be released soon.

Rice's private actions include musical roles to charitable missions such as the Songs for Tibet, and Enough Project and Freedom Campaign.