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Damian Marley Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 31
Fri, 12:00 pm
Nas, Damian Marley, Wizkid
Croydon · Lloyd Park

Damian Marley Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 2
Sun, 12:00 pm
The Ends, Damian Marley
Croydon · Lloyd Park
Jun 2
Sun, 12:30 pm
Damian Marley
London · Lloyd Park

About Damian Marley

Born in 1978, Damien Marley is reggae hip-hop artist from Kingston, Jamaica. He is the youngest son of legendary singer and songwriter Bob Marley. Like his siblings and father, Damien grew into an influential musical artist. His sound resembles Julian and Ziggy’s music; yet, with a progressive hip-hop sound. Damien’s style is described as reggae-dancehall music with soulful lyrics.
Inspired by his father, Damien began performing at a young age. He joined a group for a short while, but later departed for a solo career. In 1996, Damien released his debut album, Mr. Marley. The record featured Damien as a DJ, which came as a surprise to many Bob Marley fans. The album became a modest success and led the artist into his next project. In 2001, Damien teamed up with his brother, Stephen and dropped his follow-up album, Halfway Tree. The name was a representation of the two worlds his parents came from. His mother grew-up in a rich neighborhood, while his father came from the poor streets of Jamaica. The next year, the album earned Damien his first Grammy award.

In 2005, Damien teamed up with his brother again and produced his third album, Welcome to Jamrock. The highly successful album featured many hit artist including, Nas. The title song became an international success and won a Grammy four years later. On that special ceremonial night, Damien brought in a second Grammy for his collaboration with Nas. Back in Jamaica, the song became a subject of controversy but nothing negative transpired.

In 2010, Damien released his anticipated fourth album, Distant Relatives. Again, he collaborated with Nas on the project and sent all proceeds to schools in the Congo. The record received mixed reviews and had some commercial success. Fans responded positively to their humanitarian vibe featured on the record. The next year, a secret revealed that Damien, Mike Jagger of The Rolling Stones, and others had begun work on a new project. On July 2011, the super group leaked their single, “Miracle Worker” to ITunes. They continued to collaborate throughout the 2012 year. Damien is currently continuing his humanitarian efforts and touring worldwide.