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About DMX

DMX is from the word “Dark Man X” but his real name is Earl Simmons. He was born on 18 December, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland USA. His wife’s name is Tashera Simmons with twelve children (2 children to other woman), they were married since 1999 but got divorced in 2010. The life of Earl in his childhood life was a bit abusive so that he stays in a children care. His name is from the name of an instrument called Oberheim DMX drum machine and later on he became “Dark Man X”.

Earl started as a beat boxer in 1988, but in 1991 he had been discover by Gabriel Grevenstuk from The Source magazine. In the year 1992, he was signed in Colombia Records were he released his debut single entitled “Born Loser” but this single does not caught the ears of the listener. He launch his 2nd single called “Make a Move” in 1994 feat. Jay-ZJa Rule and Mic Geronimo on the track “Time To Build”.

He released his debut single called “Get me a Dog” in February 1998 by Def Jam Recordings. On May 1999, His earliest album labeled “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was a first big step on his career because it was sold for 5 million copies worldwide and turns out to be top in Billboard 200. Few months later, His 2nd album “Flesh of My Blood, Blood by Blood” reached top one in Billboard for 3 continues weeks. This album was sold for about 670, 000 copies and later on it it turns 4 times Platinum.

“And Then There Was X” on December 1998 is his 3rd album and best selling among his entire album. The “Party Up” one of his single is his first Top Ten Hits in R&B charts. This album is certified six times Platinum.

Dmx 4th album “The Great Depression” was completed after he settles his legal problems. It was released on October 2001 with its single “Who We Be” that reached 3 times platinum. In continuing his journey, he came up with his 5th album called “Grand Champ” (His last album in this year). He is the only artist that made a five consecutive album in history. But he revealed in one of his interviews that he was planning to retire.

After many years, Dmx signed another contract to Columbia Records. In august 1 2006, he made his 6th album called “Year the Dog…Again”, and got top one in billboard and sold for only 100 copies. Dmx passed many of his life and legal issues. In year 2008 to 2013, he still continues making album that released worldwide and sold a million copies with the collaboration with other musical artist.