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hardcore, mathcore, metalcore, chaotic hardcore, noisecore

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Converge Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 14
Thu, 7:00 pm
Neurosis, Converge
Osaka · Umeda AKASO
Feb 15
Fri, 7:00 pm
Neurosis, Converge
Nagoya · Electric Lady Land (E.L.L.)
Feb 16
Sat, 5:00 pm
Neurosis, Converge
Shibuya · Shibuya O-EAST
Feb 17
Sun, 5:00 pm
Neurosis, Converge
Shibuya · 代官山UNIT

About Converge

Converge is a 4-piece American band, formed in February of 1990 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States. Playing a blend of extreme metal and hardcore punk, this pioneer outfit helped define a lot of the rudiments of the fast-burgeoning metalcore and mathcore genres. They first started by playing covers of hardcore, punk and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed "hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs". The band soon graduated to playing live performances in 1991 after recording some demos on a 4-track recorder. (