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Coldplay Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 13
Sat, 8:30 pm
Bensheim · Musiktheater Rex

Coldplay Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 31
Fri, 8:00 pm
Bochum · Zeche Bochum

About Coldplay

If you are a lover of alternative rock, then Coldplay is one band that you should hear out! This boy band from London United Kingdom were formed and made their first debut in 1997. Chris Martin is their vocalist is also their pianist. For the lead guitar, they have Jonny Buckland and for the bass, they have Guy Berryman. Will Champion is the man behind the drums.

These guys have been invading the UK music scene. Their five albums have become quite successful, all debuted at number one in the UK music chart. Their sixth album— Ghost Stories— has been released last May. Aside from their albums, their singles – Speed of Sound, Yellow and Clocks have also made the #1 spot in both UK and US.

Their Influence

As a popular brand, a lot of people have been comparing the music they make with both old and new music personalities and bands. At first, their music was associated with that of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. Some music enthusiasts even compared their songs with that of Travis and U2. Their first debut album, Parachutes, has been released in the year 2000. Ever since then, they have gotten inspiration from works of various musicians and bands, including A Rush of Blood To The Head by George Harrison and Echo and the Bunnymen.

According to the vocalist, Chris Martin, it was A-ha ( a Norwegian band) where he draw his inspiration from in forming his band.

Music Lovers By Soul

The members of this band did not exactly plan to become famous in UK, or in the whole world. In fact, the members of the band actually mess around their guitars a bit and they were playing acoustics just for fun's sake while they were still studying at the University College of London. What makes the band stand out and be a lot different than the others is the fact that they have been playing their instruments while they were still on their pre-teenager period.

Watch Coldplay Live

You cannot call yourself an alternative rock fan without watching this band play live! Do you wish to have the time of your life? If yes, then you should most certainly watch out for their world tour. Coldplay concert tickets still can be bought online. Do you want to feel the concentration of pure energy? Then be sure to buy Coldplay tickets and attend Coldplay concert for a night of amazing music and fun times!

Coldplay tour 2017

Actually, it would not be quite fair to call the current Coldplay tour “2017 tour”, because it is started in 2017 and is still ongoing. Coldplay tours are always greatly anticipated by fans. So it is a really remarkable period for them, because Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will packed their bags again after their tour 2014. Coldplay world tour is named just like their latest album. A Head Full of Dreams is the seventh album in Coldplay discography. It was released in 2014 and caused so much resonance, as Chris Martin hinted it could become the band’s last album. When first Coldplay tour dates were announced, US fans could have got a little disappointed. The reason was, at the end of 2015 Coldplay concert schedule 2016-2017 included only Europe and Latin America. It didn't include Coldplay US tour. Luckily, it was not the fatal decision. Now all US fans can breathe with relief, because finally Coldplay North America tour was added. Oceania tour was added as well. So according to the recent information Coldplay concert dates are March 2016 - October 2017. They will visit Latin America, Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. The album set list for the tour includes 22 song, but you never know which song will be most liked by this or that audience. For example, Coldplay St Louis concert audience requested to repeat “Green eyes”, for Coldplay Denver it was “Don’t be panic”, and for Coldplay Pittsburgh fans it was “See you soon”.

Up to now, the band has already played the first part of Coldplay tour US in 2016. All in all there will be 45 Coldplay concerts in North America. Coldplay US tour dates in 2017 are August,1 - October, 8. Anyway, if you want to visit Coldplay concert US, you are pretty lucky. Do you want to know why? You have much to choose from! Coldplay tour US includes a large number of cities and practically all the concerts will be held on great venues. For example, Coldplay concert New York will occupy MetLife stadium - the home stadium of New York Giants and New York Jets. Coldplay tour tickets can be a really good present for a person who appreciates truly good music and rebellious spirit!

Coldplay reviews

Fantastic show! Love love love Cold Play ❤️❤️
Best performance ive ever seen
Otro pedo, neta amo a coldplay!
The best concert.!!!! ???????
Totally EPIC... Will never forget this specific venue...
An absolutely epic concert. Perfection.???
One of the best ever!!!!!! Amazing ❤❤❤❤
Fantabulous Show Last Night in San Diego!! The Band was on point with All Their Popular Songs! From the Fireworks to the Laser Light Show! We had an Unbelievable Great Time! Thank You Coldpkay! I have Never Been to A Concert of this Magnitude of Fun!
The best concert Ever!!!
Best thing ever!!
Wonderful, my first Coldplay concert and the best concert of my life!!
Best of the best!?