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About Children of Bodom

Around in 1993, the handsome guitar boy Alexi Laiho got involved with Jaska Raatikainen who played drums. They were childhood friends and both of them were interested in heavy metal and black metal music composition. They needed a solid bassist and they found Samuli Miettinen. Soon after a lineup setup they produce a number of demos including ‘Implosion of Heaven’.

But within a short time of the band, the bassist decided to leave which brought Henkka Seppälä. After that the band became seriously involved in independent record. They initiated to produce a self-funded album which included Janne Wirman (keyboardist). The album was named “Something Wild”. The album was produced using a new name: “Children of Bodom”.

This album brought fame for the band which allowed them to tour for concerts. They started regular participation in concerts and live shows in 1998. Gradually the band could see popularity as it sold good number of tickets. Then the band came with its second album “Hatebreeder”. Children of Bodom went to Japan after the release of the album and it performed on stage where other bands like Sinergy and In Flames performed.

In 200, the band had released its next album “Follow the Reaper”. This album took this band to the top on the Finnish Charts. And ultimately it was awarded with The Finnish Metal Music Awards. Follow the Reaper gave the band the ultimate fame and crucial chances for live concerts in many places and countries and finally it started working on EP Trashed Lost & Strungout. The Unholy Alliance tour began in 2006 in Europe and US. Children of Bodom could easily find a place amid Slayer, Thine Eyes Bleed, Mastodon and Lamb of God. They even got chance to perform on stages where Megadeath and Ozzy performed. Soon after the release of the band’s “Blooddrunk” in 2008, the band became popular and started gaining top rank. The band played shared space with Iron Maiden and many other great metal bands. Children of Bodom might love to be in black metal rather than pure metal.