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About Celldweller

Celldweller is a musical project that formed on 1999 in New York City by a multi talented artists, songwriter, producer, performer as well as remixer and programmer Klayton. The name Celldweller was given by his mom as “Cellar Dweller” because he formed music in his parent’s cellar.

His first released was a self titled album called “Celldweller” that was out on February 11, 2003 by Position Music together with Esion Media and produced by him with Grant Mohrman. The album was recorded in year 1999 to 2001 that comprises of 18 tracks that peaked at number 17 in US Billboard Top Internet Album Sales. He collaborated with Kennedy James (drums), Grant Mohman (Acoustic guitar) and Fluffy Starr (female voice on the film Frozen). Then, after five years, he released his 2nd album called “Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 1” on 16th of December 2008 through FiXT Music. Some of the tracks were used in trailer film Daybreakers as well as in the trailers of Iron Man, Speed Racer along with Spiderman 3 and it was featured in a video game called Dead Rising 2. In 2012, the Celldweller released 2 albums called “Wish Upon a Blackstar” and Volume 2 of “Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head”.

Lots of artists worked together to formed those albums in which it was all released successful and sold for about a million dollar all over the world. After that accomplishment, it follows the volume 3 of the album “Soundtrack for the Voices in My head” it was launched on July 2, 2013 which the FiXT Music released a limited edition of alternate version.It was used in Position Music advertisement in The Golden Trailer Awards. Celldweller came up with the latest album called “End of an Empire” that was out on September 16, 2014 that was recorded in the year 1012.

As the project goes by, it received lot of awards including the Album of the Year, Metal Song of the Year, Producer of the Year, Best Industrial Rock song for “Switchback” by Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Aside from that he performed in different places including in Triton Fest in New York, Dragoncon in Georgia as well as EBM Fest that was held in Toronto, Canada. As the project goes under Klayton, it will continue to spread all the world in performing, making music for trailers and a lot more projects coming on its way.