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About Caro Emerald

Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw better known as Caro Emerald, is a popular jazz performer whose debut single came out in 2006. Her initial studio album Deleted Scenes from the Cuting Room Floor remained in the MegaChart of Holland even beating the Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The next year she was given the Popprijs for her contribution to the Dutch music. The artist is also famous for her stunning live shows.

Caroline Esmeralda has been showing her interest to vocals from her teenage years. She started attending singing classes at 12 and then entered the state conservatory of Amsterdam. Having graduated from it, she joined the band Les Elles being one of the 6 performers there. Later on, she went on with her solo career coming out with a brighter stage name Caro Emerald.

Her répertoire includes mostly modern versions of tango and mambo rhythms as well as ballroom jazz compositions. All these styles one can find in her first album – Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor. After the success of her catchy composition A Night Like This, Caroline became popular in other European countries. Popularity started to spread by all means: not only live concerts and CDs but also Youtube videos and iTunes sales made it enough to please the audience. The overwhelming success of only one retro-themed song gave Emerald and her producers an idea of a whole new album. Thus they started working on a record filled with the atmosphere of black-and-white movies melodies, smoked 40’s and 50’s combined with bright Latin orchestral rhythms. Some songs feature famous artists of similar styles: Perez Prado, the king of mambo, jazz organist and the jazz samples from earlier decades.

Thanks to this fascinating combination, the album was sold out 50000 CDs in only six weeks thus becoming platinum. After A Night Like This, Emerald was offered a contract from Martini which made her compositon a soundtrack for their vermouth commercial.

2015 brought the new album The Shocking Miss Emerald which became extremely popular in the UK, flying up to the top go the UK album chart.

Caro Emerald concert dates

Caro Emerald tour is now on in Europe. She is coming with her Orchestra to France and Germany. The upcoming Caro Emerald concerts will also take place in the Netherlands. Caro Emerald Tour dates are December 18-23. There is no Caro Emerald US tour planned so far but we hope she will visit America with her catchy songs soon.

Caro Emerald reviews

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