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About Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris was born on January 17, 1984 in Scotland of Dumfries. He first discovered his interest and passion in electronic music when he was a teenager and started recording bedroom demos in 1999. Two songs entitled “Brighter Days” and “Da Bongos” were released as a 12 club single and CD EP by Prima Facie company in 2002 with Stouffer as the artist. Harris moved to London, but as a newbie who still knows nothing, he floundered. Only one of his masterpieces was given a chance to be heard in London and that is “Let Me Know” sang by Ayah.

Calvin Harris, a successful dance producer went from uploading his songs online to legally producing excellent materials for Rihanna. This sudden change of career and priority has made him more successful as it gone wild in the music industry, selling more than millions of copies.Harris is a talented DJ too. He has won several awards like Grammy and MTV VMA, breaking MJ’s record for having the most UK Top Ten Singles from a single album. With that kind of achievement, he deserved to be labeled as Forbes highest earning DJ last year.

Calvin returned to his hometown and has starting uploading home-made songs to his MySpace account again. A representative from EMI heard was impressed with his work and so he was signed in 2006. Following more success from singles, he was finally awarded a debt album called “I Created Disco” in 2007.

Along with his work with great talents, he became one of the most in demand remixers of his generation. He was the one who wrote and produced the songs of Kylie Minogue in 2007. More collaboration was successful and reached the top chart in UK. “I’m Not Alone” was the popular single of his second album. It was released in 2009 and just a few months after, it was already topping UK’s music charts. In 2011, he took on production works like that of Rihanna and Stryder, “We Found Love”. It was awarded quadruple platinum in America. Harris also worked with Ne-Yo in 2012, and it was a great success. The fun and excitement for this very talented man has never stopped and will not stop anytime soon. More music and collaboration with some of the most popular artists today is expected of him.