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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 8
Fri, 8:00 pm
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Fort Lauderdale, FL · Culture Room

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 30
Tue, 5:00 pm
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Yokohama · Yokohama Bay Hall

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 1
Wed, 5:00 pm
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Osaka · Umeda Shangrila

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 12
Wed, 8:00 pm
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Linz · Posthof

About Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (B.R.M.C.), formed in 1998, is an American rock band based in California. The band members seem to love rock n' roll, and psychedelic music styles and try to imitate these styles from many great bands like The Velvet Underground, Oasis, Daniel Ash, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Rolling Stones and The Verve. “The Elements” was the name of the band when the band was just formed. But another band with the same name was discovered and the band members selected “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club” as the final name of the band. The name was taken from a film called “The Wild One” (1953).

Robert and Peter met in school and practiced together. They were looking for a drummer to complete the band. They met Nick Jago and recruited him in the band. The band started studio work and stage shows. They used to perform in San Francisco in the beginning. Later on they released a demo album and distributed it. But the demo was limited to 500 CDs only and it was no backed by any record label. After this album, the band got into heavy practice which led them to a deal with Virgin Records later on. In 2003, the band released “Take Them On, On Your Own”.

By 2004, the band saw many changes within the band. The band left Virgin records and one of the members, Nick left the band.

But Nick Jago reunited again and the band signed to RCA. In 2005, the band released HOWL which was released in U.K. and later in U.S. The title of this album was considered a tribute to a novel by Allen Ginsberg.

After 2005, the band toured in Europe and America. Next, they released "Howl Sessions” which was a compilation of songs made at the time of "Howl".

In 2007, BRMC returns with their fourth album, entitled "Baby 81". This album was released in America. This album shows serious rock 'n' roll influences. Peter describes the album as "the sister of Howl".

In 2008, Leah Shapiro joined the band as a drummer as Nick left the band for the second time.