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Benny Benassi Concerts Schedule Nov 2018

Nov 21
Wed, 10:00 pm
Benny Benassi
Dallas, TX · Stereo Live
Nov 23
Fri, 10:00 pm
Benny Benassi
Portland, OR · Euphoria Nightclub
Nov 24
Sat, 9:00 pm
Benny Benassi
Costa Mesa, CA · Time Nightclub

Benny Benassi Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 28
Fri, 9:30 pm
Benny Benassi
Boston, MA · The Grand Boston

About Benny Benassi

Marco Benassi, known to many as Benny benassi, is a DJ and producer who was born in Milan. In the music industry, his colleagues and fans regard him as one of the down to earth, charming and well respected musicians in the industry. These qualities in addition to his electronic music/techno music/house infused sounds that are truly his own, make him irresistible to a lot of fans.

In his entire music career, Benny has achieved many awards in the music industry. From Dj'ing to producing, it look's like he really has a golden touch. Let us see what Benny has achieved in the many years of stay in the music industry. Of course, his life story will never be complete without the mention of his international hit single “Satisfaction”. This was released in 2002 and it pave the way for Benny's amazing career. What was once a humble act has become a world celebrated artist.

In 2003, Benny achieved great recognition. He placed number one in the Top 100 dance track list presented by The Ministry of sound-- an internet radio. Aside from that, he is also recognized as the DJ Mag Tune of the year all over UK. Italian Dance Music Awards gave him the revelation Music of The Year. On the other hand, he has received the dance revelation of The Year by the Danish Music Awards.

Benny still continues to soar in 2004. He has garnered three nominations at the DanceStar Music Awards in Miami. From these nominations, he won the best Music Video awards. Benny has also gotten the 18th place in the DjMag Favorite Top 100 DJ Poll. He also made a milestone in his producing career in this year because the Italian Album “Hypnotica” that he produced has gotten the European Border Breakers Award.

When Benny is not inside the music booth, he is busy touring the world and giving his fans their much-needed dose of Benny's trademark music. He goes on live shows, gigs and concert tours with his unstoppable musical energy. Regardless if he is the producer or the DJ, music will never get boring when Benny is around. Luckily, it looks like he's not going to slow down anytime soon.