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About Beastie Boys

In 1981, the American hip hop band “Beastie Boys” was formed in New York City. All group members contributed as a vocalist and playing different instruments. Adam Horovitz, also known as “Ad-Rock”, played guitar. “Mike D” with the full name Michael Diamond played drums. And then, Adam Yauch, with a stage name “MCA”, played bass guitar. Originally, the band includes Michael Diamond in vocals, John Berry playing guitar, Adam Yauch in bass and Kate Schellenbach in drums. A year after the formation, the band contributed on “New York Thrash” cassette compilation. Right after that, they had their first extended play “Polly Wog Stew”.

During the time of the formation of the group, hardcore punk music was vastly out in the market. The band decided to take a different approach to music. They chose hip hop and rap rock. In 1983, their single “Cocky Puss” was out locally, it was an experimental hip hop. In 1985, the band was privileged to play and tour with Madonna. In 1986, a year after of being exposed with Madonna tour, they released their first ever album entitled “Licensed to Ill”. The band was able to sell twenty two million albums in US alone, over forty million all over the world. In 1991, Billboard recognized them as the “Biggest Selling Rap Group”. In 2004, their song “Sabotage” was included at the Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. From the time they were formed up to year 2004, the band received seven Platinum albums. They are legends, the longest lived hip hop band around the world. In 2005, Rolling Stone again recognized the bands effort making them part of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”. In 2007, the band was nominated in “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2008”. Only five years later, 2012, the band had been officially a Hall of Famer. They are the third rap group to make it to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, a month later Adam Yauch died because of cancer.

Beastie Boys left a legacy influencing artists of today. Artist like Eminem, Sublime and many more were influenced by this group. The band received various nominations and won some of them. They had ten nominations and won three of those with the Grammy Awards. And then, the band received another ten nominations and won four with MTV Video Music Awards. And lastly, they had nine nominations and won one of those with MTV Europe Music.