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under 2000 listeners, ambient, canadian, indie, alternative rock

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Banquet Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 13
Thu, 7:00 pm
Nayoro · Nayoro Shimin Bunka Center
Dec 26
Wed, 6:30 pm
Banquet, 山崎まさよし
Shibuya · Bunkamura - Orchard Hall

About Banquet

Banquet was formed mid way through 2006. We are four guys that have diverse tastes in music, but we all love live music.. We try to keep our live shows something special, we are primarily a 'rock' band but we love to mess around with glitch beats and sampling and live looping, basically using the laptop as an instrument.. computers seem to be alien to a lot of musicians... it's seen as cold and sterile, we are trying to change that. (